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Woman wrestlers

Bolivian wrestler Ana Luisa Yujra (R), aka "Jhenifer Two Faces", a member of the Fighting Cholitas, fights with a male wrestler at Sharks of the Ring wrestling club in El Alto, Bolivia.

Christmas Market

The Christmas Market in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany.

Trash heroes to the rescue of Ipoh's environment

“To us, cleaning the rubbish is not hard. What is difficult is to educate the people to care for the environment."

In US, plant-based diet easier than ever, even at Thanksgiving

When Elysabeth Alfano hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for 12 next week at her home in Los Angeles, the menu will be traditional -- with a few key changes that were all but impossible just a decade ago.

Riding high on Myanmar's human-powered Ferris wheels

Aung careers towards the ground, hanging from one arm on the basket of one of Myanmar's human-powered Ferris wheels, reliant on gravity-defying agility and split-second coordination honed since the age of nine.

At Instagram hotspot, LOLs trump likes

Crammed into a supermarket trolley, Kiki Malliora squealed with laughter as she rolled past her sister at Cologne's pop-up selfie museum, where visitors said having fun outweighs the hunt for "likes" in a changing social media landscape.

Flower field

A flower field in Pingchang district in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan.

He wants work, not sympathy

Physically challenged Melaka car foreman by the name of Pak Busu does not yearn for your sympathy. He only hopes that you will send in your car for him to repair so that he can make a living with his own skill.

Vegetable farming for autistic children

Although the vegetable farm could only have a modest harvest at this moment, it has nevertheless provided a fertile ground for autistic children to learn about farming and other things.

Police choppers a terrifying sight in Rio slums

For those who live in Rio de Janeiro's crime-wracked slums, danger and fear are not just around every corner -- they also come from the sky.


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