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Voter betrayal will backfire

  • The despicable acts of trying to keep the regime continuously in power against the will of voters by way of a backdoor government in betrayal of public mandate will most positively backfire. Photo courtesy: Bernama

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The shockwaves from Tanjung Piai by-election remain and the jubilant mood of BN's overwhelming victory still lingers.

At the same time, the ruling PH coalition is yet to conduct a postmortem for its thumping defeat, and the attempts to save Tun Mahathir's office and form a backdoor government are still very much alive.

It appears that the message Tanjung Piai voters have tried to convey has yet to reach the ears of our administrators.

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, who has always been a Mahathir confidant, has triggered widespread indignation from members and supporters on both sides of the political divide for convening a secretive late night meeting with a score of Umno MPs at his official residence.

Azmin claimed that the meeting was just an ordinary one in executing his ministerial obligations. As for former Umno vice president Hishammuddin Hussein said to have made the arrangement for Umno MPs to meet up with Azmin, he rebutted the allegation while PM Mahathir's attitude is ambiguous as usual, neither denying nor confessing.

Nevertheless, based on the information made available to Sin Chew Daily, Azmin has asked Umno MPs to sign a statutory declaration in support of Tun Mahathir's full term of five years in exchange for immediate release of constituency allocations.

After BN's landslide victory in Tanjung Piai, it is widely believed that the prime minister will be put under intensified pressure to expedite the handover process, forcing the pro-Mahathir faction to take preemptive actions against Anwar's camp.

Whatever motive of the people planning and attending Monday night's meeting, it is certain that they will employ all tricks conceivable to cover up their ill intention. Nevertheless, the voters can see very clearly what they are doing!

Some of the leaders in both PH and BN could go to such extent as to abandon their political morality for their own benefits. While these people can continue to pretend as if nothing has happened, the voters can see their dirty acts very clearly.

Majority of Malaysian voters opted to change the government in support of reforms during last year's general elections. They hoped the emerging two-party system would breathe new life into the country's political landscape.

Sadly, PH has failed to implement the pledged reforms in full force while the country's economic outlook remains gloomy and election promises are unfulfilled on some lame excuses.

In the meantime, racism has picked up steam and the voters have become growingly disenchanted with PH in under two years' time. As a consequence, they have exercised their rights to express their frustration and fury through the ballots in their hands.

Unfortunately, majority of PH leaders have opted to turn a deaf ear to such a message.

The most urgent task for PH now is to seriously look into the root cause of its humiliating defeat in Tanjung Piai and listen to what the people have to say in addition to honouring its election promises in order to win back the voters' confidence and trust.

The despicable acts of trying to keep the regime continuously in power against the will of voters by way of setting up a backdoor government in betrayal of public mandate will most positively backfire.

Meanwhile, BN/Umno MPs must not misinterpret their landslide win in Tanjung Piai, thinking that the voters have decisively and loyally embraced BN once again so that they are now emboldened to do what they want and plot to recapture Putrajaya by the back door.


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