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Voters tell why MCA should win in Tanjung Piai

  • Many Tanjung Piai voters say they have seen the contribution by MCA's Wee Jeck Seng and have decided to vote for him this time. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

PONTIAN, Nov 18 (Sin Chew Daily) -- Sin Chew Daily went back to Tanjung Piai to find out what the voters thought about the by-election.

Majority of the voters approached by Sin Chew Daily said they saw the contribution by MCA's candidate Datuk Seri Wee Jeck Seng and decided to vote for him.

Many of them have always been Wee's supporters although some felt Pakatan Harapan should be given more time to implement the reforms and therefore continued to vote for PH.

Many of those who voted for PH in GE14 expressed their disappointment with the ruling coalition's lacklustre performance after one and a half years in power.

No obvious change

Mr Tan (48, hawker) said there were more changes when the constituency was held by Barisan Nasional, adding that he did not see much change in the constituency after PH took over.

“The older voters would support Wee Jeck Seng. However, as PH is the ruling party, many are worried Wee's development projects in Tanjung Piai might not be approved by the authorities.”

He said many voters opted to remain optimistic as they believed Wee would do his best for the well-being of Tanjung Piai residents.

Wee's contribution seen by voters

Mr Phua (43, hawker) believed that Wee Jeck Seng had won the by-election because he was a local resident and knew the needs of the people better.

He told Sin Chew Daily the voters could see Wee's contribution to the constituency as well as his sincerity in listening to people and serving the people.

“However, I still voted for PH this time as I thought they should be given the opportunity to prove their worth.”

'PH is cheating the people'

Mr Siow (59, excavator driver) said PH had cheated the people and had failed to honour its election pledges especially on the recognition of UEC certificate. He also said PH had implemented several unnecessary changes such as black shoes for students.

He said he was utterly disappointed with PH and had decided to vote for Wee Jeck Seng this time.

He told Sin Chew Daily Wee did a very good job taking care of Tanjung Piai residents when he was the MP last time, and was seen walking about the constituency to understand the plight of the people. On the contrary, he said PH's elected rep just absented himself after winning the election.

'Wee has done a lot for Tanjung Piai'

Mr Khoo (46, unemployed) said BN's victory was anticipated as many voters had wanted to express their disappointment with the PH government through the ballots in their hands.

“Wee Jeck Seng did a lot of things for Tanjung Piai when he was the MP last time, and he took very good care of the poor people here. He would still win even if he ran as an independent candidate!”

However, Khoo was worried that the changes Wee intends to bring to Tanjung Piai might meet with resistance, as BN is no longer the ruling party.

Voters disenchanted by PH's empty promises

Mr Chang, (50, car mechanic) said Wee Jeck Seng knew the needs of the people, while voters were unhappy with PH for failing to honour its election pledges such as UEC recognition, adding that the by-election should serve as a lesson for the ruling coalition.

“Anyway, I believe most people voted for Wee Jeck Seng because of his contribution and not his party. We hope to have an MP who will do more for Tanjung Piai.”


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