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Malaysian Dignity and Punishing Pakatan

  • Susah sangat kah nak faham?

By Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

Make no mistake, the Tanjong Piai by-election is a severe punishment to Pakatan. BN and MCA can rejoice and milk this win, but to Malaysians, it was a severe message to Pakatan…don’t mess with our dignity.

Pakatan threw projects and cash into Tanjong Piai to simple hawkers and fishermen but Malaysians value their dignity over these cash handouts. Pakatan reminded Malaysians about how Najib and BN robbed the country blind but Malaysians reminded Pakatan that money cannot buy their dignity and that there is no value worth more than their dignity. It is not that they did not care about the horrendous corruption but that Pakatan seemed to care little about the dignity of Malaysians.

Many may be wondering, what dignity am I talking about?

First and foremost, the Kongres Maruah Melayu by four public universities had stripped Malaysians of their dignity or maruah by unfeeling and ill-mannered statements by professors and vice chancellors. Malaysians noted that there were no repercussion of disciplinary action against any of the academics participating in the Kongress who missed all the elephants in the room in their so called academic research analysis. They missed the clear corruption by Malay politicians and civil servants. They missed the incompetence of Malay leaders. They missed the dereliction of duties of Malay management. No words could have cured the disgust of Malaysians over the statements made at that Kongres. If there were five more by-elections, Pakatan would not be able to buy the dignity of Malaysians that was hung to dry because of the Kongres.

Next, is the Zakir Naik issue. If PH keep on protecting and allowing this personality in an effort to ‘jaga hati Melayu’, good luck to them for they would never get the votes from Malaysians. The dignity of Chinese and Indians that was derisively joked by this person will remain forever imprinted in the minds of Malaysians. I recommend that PH make Zakir Naik the Tokoh Maal Hijrah and even appoint him to a professorship at an Islamic university. That way we can completely assure of a PH lost in any mixed seat in Malaysia. PH can throw in projects and money but there is no price high enough to buy our dignity.

What other dignity that Pakatan ripped off Malaysians? Well, there was the matriculation insult to Malaysians. I had called for a 70/30 ratio of Malays to non-Malays but that was ignored. This insult will again ensure easy victory by the disillusioned BN. It’s not that Malaysians support BN and the extremist party PAS, it’s just that they are disgusted with Pakatan for pandering only to the interest of one ethnic group, who has never shown to be ‘bersyukur’ or even thankful. How many more rocks should fall on PH’s head before they realize that Malays will not support them until AMANAH start putting religious scholars on the ground? At the moment, AMANAH has no value as the party in charge of changing the Islamic narrative. Their leaders have time to come to the ground only during by-election and have no time for ceramah like in the old days. Their leaders will have no more support from anyone whether Malays or Malaysians. Their success is their end.

Finally, we have the kafir issue. Indonesia has officially rejected the use of ‘kafir’ for non-Muslims. Even though there are extremist and conservative forces disagreeing but the government braved the tide and went through with the declaration. Indonesian leaders greet with four languages from four faiths while Malaysian muftis call for Malaysians to return to India. Muftis still have not issued any clear verdict with regards to the issue of kafir and the dignity of Malaysian non-Muslims.

It is absolutely clear that if Pakatan were to have an election in Semenanjung in a Malay majority area, they will lose. The Malays will not vote for Pakatan as it has no soldiers on the ground to combat the battle of minds and spirit at mosques and madrasas. Mujahid is totally ineffective. He has no battle strategies and limps at every issue thrown at him. If Pakatan were to contest in Semenanjung mixed area, it again will surely lose as the non-Malays will remember how their dignity was thrown aside like a piece of scrap in the Kongres, Zakir Naik, matriculation and kafir issue.

The strategy for PH is clear and obvious; change the Vice Chancellors of the four universities and order the head of the research groups to apologize to Malaysians, especially Zainal Kling. Secondly, give Zakir Naik a First Class ticket to Zimbabwe and tell him not to return. Then, institute a 70/30 matriculation quota for next year intake and declare that any one person calling a non-Muslim Malaysian a kafir, even though he is a mufti, will be thrown in prison. Senang saja. The Malays will still not vote for PH until AMANAH stop playing minister for a while and walk the ground and the mosques. With these said drastic change of decisions, Malaysians will flock back to PH. Are those requests too much to ask? If not, good bye PH, the people will have to find new leaders from other choices than the discredited BN.

Malaysians ask not for money and handout, but they just want their dignity back as proud citizens of this country. Susah sangat kah nak faham?

(Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor at a local university.)


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