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Who is 'deep state'? Ask Mahathir

  • “Deep state” could be nothing more than an illusory proposition concocted to sum up every unsettled problem and yet-to-materialise political calamity.

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Out of the blue “deep state” has become a fashionable term lately.

Lim Guan Eng openly claimed that the detention of DAP assemblymen under Sosma for alleged involvement in LTTE activities was the work of “deep state”.

A jumble of letters instantly popped up in my head: CIA, FBI, NSA, DSA, MI5, MI6, KGB...

Never mind what these acronyms mean. They are “deep state” elements in Hollywood thrillers, constantly devising and executing plots to, say, take down a government or some leaders.

To be honest, such plots are normally designed to satiate the audience's pursuit of electrifying conspiracies, even though there could be a fraction which is real, for instance the suspected involvement of CIA or FBI in the Watergate scandal that eventually led to Richard Nixon's downfall, as well as JFK's still inconclusive assassination.

The more recent coups d'état in Turkey, Egypt and elsewhere were also said to have been associated with “deep state” which could be foreign-sponsored organisations, military or police forces and government officials.

And this very “deep state” is said to be also present in Pakatan-led New Malaysia! More shockingly, this “deep state” is planning to topple none other than the existing regime!

It is a pity that Lim Guan Eng did not elaborate on his alleged “deep state”.

My question, which is also what many others will ask, is: where is this “deep state” from? What kind of organisation is it? Who are the ones involved?

It was the Malaysian police, or Bukit Aman Special Branch to be more precise, who took away the people suspected of LTTE involvement. Its counter-terrorism chief Ayob Khan has on several occasions explained the operation.

And since it has been publicly declared, it couldn't have been “deep state”. Could it?

Neither home minister Muhyiddin Yassin nor PM Mahathir has questioned the police operation. Muhyiddin has said there is no LTTE involvement in any “deep state”.

DAP's frustration also includes the ban of a comic book by the home ministry. Muhyiddin has explained that the comic book is promoting communism while Mahathir says pro-China thoughts should not be brought into schools.

DAP being a component of the PH administration, did LGE ever ask his cabinet colleagues Mahathir and Muhyiddin who the “deep state” was before he concluded that his party's ill destiny was the work of “deep state”?

Did he imply that the “deep state” was from his own circle?

It would be inconceivable how far the tentacles of “deep state” has spread in this country if every bickering within the administration is squarely blamed on “deep state”.

The thing is, there are indeed contradictions in the utterly confused state of the conspiracy theories put forward. Does this also mean the “deep state” is self-conflicting?

For example, the “deep state” was behind the viral circulation of the male sex video, but the video is yet to be verified to this day and neither is any action taken against anyone.

The Malay Dignity Congress has created fissure within the PH coalition as well as between bumi and non-bumi communities in the country. Mahathir not only attended and delivered a speech at the congress, he even on two later occasions defended it.

The ruling coalition has suffered a couple of by-election setbacks during the past one and a half years, its approval rating sliding further. Many say it will only be one-term government while others believe it may not even get to finish a full term.

“Deep state” could be nothing more than an illusory proposition concocted to sum up every unsettled problem and yet-to-materialise political calamity.

Perhaps this will make life easier for some!?


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