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DAP members cautioned against 'deep state' sabotaging party

  • DAP leadership has warned party members that there could be a “deep state” trying to destroy the party.

PETALING JAYA, Nov 1 (Sin Chew Daily) -- DAP's internal briefing for the party's elected representatives last night came to a preliminary conclusion that there could be a “deep state” trying to destroy the party.

According to an insider, party leaders reminded members in last night's briefing that the party is facing challenges from a “deep state” even though it has now become a ruling party. They also urged party members to exercise caution in what they say and do especially during the by-election campaign and refrain from making instigating remarks.

Such “deep state” could be called “pro-BN civil servants”.

The source told Sin Chew Daily last night's briefing mainly discussed three issues: the prosecution of two DAP assemblymen for alleged involvement in LTTE activities, the resignation of Hew Kuan Yau from Malaysia China Business Council (MCBC) over controversial comic book “Belt & Road Initiative For Win-Winism”, Sungai Pelek state assemblyman Ronnie Liu's criticism of prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The source said DAP leadership was unhappy with the actions taken by the home ministry, and that secretary-general Lim Guan Eng would bring the issue of the alleged involvement of two DAP assemblymen in LTTE to the cabinet meeting today for discussion.

“According to the police, they had evidence of the two DAP reps' involvement in LTTE last year. We don't understand why they only make the arrests now.

“Party leadership will apply pressure on the cabinet and PH, and will demand a satisfactory explanation and seek a solution.”

On the issue of the controversial comic book, the source said both party leadership and grassroots members could not accept the home ministry's decision, dismissing it as an overreaction.

“There wasn't any problem when former Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan admitted that he had been invited to attend and give a speech at the congress of the Communist Party of China. Why should they take action against a comic book now? Perhaps it is not suitable to be distributed to schools, but not to an extent that it must be banned and put under investigation.”

“DAP feels that the home ministry's action has shaken the party's fundamental base, namely its Chinese and Indian supporters.”

The briefing also touched on Ronnie Liu's criticism of Tun Mahathir. The party leadership reminded members not to make personal attacks against anyone.

“It is not a problem for members to have their own positions. They can always express their views on various issues, but they must not launch personal attacks against others.”

DAP has decided to refer Liu to the party's disciplinary committee.

Last night's briefing nevertheless did not discuss the rumour that PKR's deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali is planning to form an all-Malay government with the opposition, according to the source.

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