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A Malay student with a strong passion for TCM and Chinese culture

  • Mustika vows to promote the priceless legacy of TCM to all people irrespective of race so that more people will benefit from it. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • Mustika goes back to her alma mater Pay Fong Middle School (L); Posing with her grandfather and mother at a TEDx event in Melaka. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • Mustika (R3) with her classmates at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • Mustika has a very strong passion for traditional Chinese medicine and the Chinese culture. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

MELAKA, Oct 22 (Sin Chew Daily) -- From primary school through university, 23-year-old Mustika Fitri has been receiving Chinese language education all her life.

Currently pursuing a master's course in traditional Chinese medicine, she vows to popularise TCM so that more people irrespective of race can benefit from it.

Mustika told Sin Chew Daily she was inspired by the profound theories contained in Huangdi Neijing that emphasises the triumph of positive energy over the evil energy, prompting her to look at things with a positive attitude and take full control of any negative emotion that may emerge.

She was not only educated in Chinese since young, she also learned abacus mental arithmetic, Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi, horse stance and even er hu with the school's Chinese orchestra group.

Early encounter with Chinese culture

Born in an average Malay family, Mustika's father passed away when she was 3, and she and her younger brother were raised by their grandfather and mother.

Although Mustika's grandfather Abdul Aziz, a retired school headmaster, was unfamiliar with the Chinese language, he sent her mother to a Chinese school and insisted that the two grandchildren too would attend a Chinese school.

Family support was of utmost importance to Mustika, in particular the abundant positive energy she received from her grandfather.

“All I have wanted is very simple, to pass down the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to the Malay community and teach them ways of staying healthy.

“Of course, I also want to promote TCM to all other people, and apply this invaluable legacy of wisdom passed down to us by the forefathers.”

In addition to Chinese, Malay and English, Mustika also speaks fluent Shanghainese and French, and is planning to learn German and Spanish as well.

Encouragement from grandfather

Mustika's grandfather used to tell her the Chinese civilisation is the only surviving ancient civilisation in this word, and that the Chinese people are very hard-working people and she must learn from them.

After graduating from primary school, she proceeded to Pay Fong Middle School and thought of pursuing a course in Chinese language at the tertiary level in future.

“I was then working at a pharmacy and my boss encouraged me to go into this line, seeing that I was quite familiar with the medicines.

“By chance I came to know about traditional Chinese medicine. I went to a book store to find out more about this science and it struck me instantly that this was the thing I must learn!”

Mustika was later awarded a scholarship to do a seven-year bachelor's plus master's degree programme at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has completed the bachelor's degree course this year and will complete the master's degree course two years later.

She said her encounter with The Analects of Confucius since she was very young had helped her tremendously over the years.

The Analects is a kind of philosophy about attitude towards life, decision-making and interactions with people, among other things.

“It sort of laid the foundation for me to command the Huangdi Neijing in university later.

“It wasn't easy to make the first step. I needed the encouragement of people around me.

"To a large extent support from my family and friends has helped me overcome many difficulties.”


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