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40 students, 39 families benefit from Yayasan Sin Chew's aid

  • Siew Nyoke Chow (R) posing with special aid recipients and their mothers. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • Siew Nyoke Chow (R) presenting the aids to the students. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • Aid beneficiaries posing with Siew Nyoke Chow (C). Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily
  • Huang Ning's mother sharing her own experience on the stage. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

MEALAK, Oct 7 (Sin Chew Daily) -- Yayasan Sin Chew distributed study aids to 39 families and 40 students on Saturday, including three who were awarded special aids valued at RM5,000 each.

Impoverished families

One of the beneficiaries, Lee Sin Yu comes from a poor family in Batu Pahat. Her father passed away in May from heart disease while her mother, an Orangasli, is making a paltry living by doing odd jobs cleaning up people's houses.

Lee's elder brother is physically handicapped and as no one can send him to school, he has dropped out from school and is now staying at home. Lee's grandmother is ill and bed-ridden, while her aunt is struggling to feed the entire family with a monthly salary under RM2,000.

Another special aid beneficiary Fong, also from Batu Pahat, is from a poor family of six, his father earning less than RM800 a month on odd jobs.

Fong's mother has been suffering from glaucoma for three years now and is unable to work due to compromised eyesight.

Fong and her siblings are still schooling and transport alone will cost the family several hundred ringgit a month. Luckily they manage to apply for free meals at school but their parents do not have spare cash to send them to tuition class.

The mother of Huang Ning, another beneficiary of Yayasan Sin Chew's study aid, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2016, and has to be put on medication since the operation.

Huang's father has to send her mother to KL Hospital every two weeks for reviews and has not been able to find a steady job because of that.

Although Seck Kia Eenh Cancer Fund is sponsoring RM500 to subsidy the medical cost in addition to the RM150 welfare fund, the family is still unable to cope with the enormous monthly expenses.

Worrying about Huang's studies, her parents have sought assistance from her school, and the headmaster has recommended her for Yayasan Sin Chew's study aid.

Rich in heart

Yayasan Sin Chew vice chairman Siew Nyoke Chow said during the study aid presentation ceremony that while a person can be poor financially, he or she must have a benevolent heart and be always helpful and honest.

“A person wins the respect of people not because of his or her wealth or social status, but kindness and benevolence.”

She also thanked Yong Tai Berhad chief executive officer Boo Kuang Loon, who is also the founder of Encore Melaka, for providing a comfortable venue to host the ceremony as well as food for the students and their parents.


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