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Buy Malaysian first

  • Dividing ourselves along racial or religious lines and senseless boycotting will only hurt the country's economy, and ourselves. Photo courtesy: Bernama

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Any smart Malaysian can tell that the boycott campaign in the name of race or religion is not only impractical but will also hurt the country's economy.

It is impossible to divide the Malaysian economy along racial and religious lines. Every single economic activity, from raw materials, to production and supply to the customer end, involves Malaysians from all ethnic backgrounds.

The so-called “buy Muslim first” or “anti non-Muslim products” campaign in its very essence is impossible to accurately segregate products entirely produced by Muslim companies from those by non-Muslim entities.

Any product that is created, manufactured, promoted and marketed by Malaysians is a Malaysian product which will be simply labeled as “Made in Malaysia”. In no way will we ever see labeling of a product made by the Malays or Muslims, or Chinese, Indians, Christians or Buddhists. Even a halal-certified product is a Malaysia-made product.

Many brands we are familiar with in the market, including those that have ventured abroad, from hotels, handbags, shoes, healthcare products, restaurants, fashion accessories to airline companies, have been proudly Malaysian even though many may not be aware of this.

The founders and owners of these brands and companies will only label their products as “Made in Malaysia” and will never specifically emphasize their ethnic or religious backgrounds. This is because there will only be competition in quality and pricing, where the market is concerned, not competition among ethnicities and religions.

The success of these companies constitutes the success of Malaysians, and any sensible Malaysian consumer will support these companies and help contribute to their continuous growth. No one will do the other way round to bring down the country's economy.

It is of paramount importance to reinforce the strength and competitiveness of Malaysian companies against the backdrop of unfavorable external environment such as the Sino-American trade war.

What the government must do is to facilitate the flow of trade through the implementation of relevant measures to lift market efficiency so that Malaysian manufacturers can come up with competitively priced products of exceptional quality.

The “buy Malaysian” campaign initiated by the domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry is poised to bring about the multiplier effect. Besides stimulating the domestic economic expansion, this campaign will also boost Malaysian consumers' awareness of the quality of locally manufactured products.

Local companies will receive a much needed morale booster if Malaysian consumers have faith in locally manufactured products and are willing to support and prioritize local brands.

Buying Malaysian products will help strengthen the country's economy and integrate our multicultural society through the practice of inclusivity in our day-to-day lives.

The success of Malaysian companies will eventually benefit the country and its economy. All Malaysians regardless of race or religion will get to savor the fruit of such success.

Dividing ourselves along racial or religious lines and senseless boycotting will only hurt the country's economy, and ourselves.


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