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We thought they were not the same

  • Going all out for votes and power. Now I can see they are really not the same!

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Ambiga tweeted that "we thought they were not the same", where the pronoun “they” denotes some of the leaders from Pakatan Harapan.

Ambiga used to be the number one fan of Pakatan Harapan.

Indeed, the bigger the expectations you have from someone, the bigger the disappointment you are going to get.

And she concluded that all they wanted was to remain in power.

I can understand how Ambiga feels.

I'm not trying to criticize PH leaders, including those from PPBM. In fact, I am more than willing to praise them, if there is anything from them that deserves my praise.

Take for example Syed Saddiq from whom many have had very high expectations.

When the Zakir Naik issue first broke out, the young minister's immediate response was: the government must expel Zakir because by attacking Chinese and Indian Malaysians, he was attacking all Malaysians!

PAS slammed his position, arguing that he should quit his job. Syed Saddiq replied: I won't submit to pressure. My ministerial post is up to the PM and cabinet to decide.

Don't you think this minister deserves a big thumbs-up?

A week later, he tweeted a picture of him having dinner with the controversial preacher and wrote that no one in this world is free from making mistakes, and Zakir has apologized.

Goodness me! I though this guy once said Zakir must be deported?!

What a dramatic U-turn! He even hosted a dinner for a criminal wanted by India who is still under police investigation here!

I don't know of any other cabinet minister from any government in this world that will dine with a fugitive and is ardent about telling this to the world.

Moreover, did Zakir really apologize? No. He insisted it was a misunderstanding, and attached an “if” to his so-called apology.

The young minister might enjoy the dinner with a fugitive, but I personally think this is utterly loathsome.

Could this U-turn be attributable to Mahathir's decision of not deporting Zakir? Or that he simply bowed to pressure from Malay netizens?

Perhaps both. As Ambiga has said, to keep himself in power.

Syed Saddiq is not alone!

Also from the same PPBM, entrepreneurship development minister Mohd Redzuan said on a public occasion that the Malays had compromised too much to the extremists, in reference to the Jawi controversy.

“It's time for the Malays to stand up and defend their culture before it is destroyed.”

That was not the end of the story yet. Redzuan asked a female Chinese reporter seeking his explanation over the remark: Do you know the Constitution and Rukun Negara?

That was not the worst thing he did. He later wrote on his Facebook: minister shocked by Chinese reporter's ignorance of the country's Constitution.

What makes this minister any different from some of the most disgusting Umno ministers we once had?

Oh yes, education minister Maszlee Malik, also from PPBM!

In response to PPBM supreme council member Tariq Ismail's proposal of single-stream education, Maszlee said he would “look into” it.

Multi-stream education is an irrefutable reality in Malaysia, and our Constitution protects the right of all citizens to learn their mother languages.

Of course, Maszlee subsequently explained that looking into the suggestion did not mean he had accepted or rejected it.

Anyone familiar with Malaysia's politics can tell that this is a highly sensitive issue which must not be exploited in any way and there is absolutely no room for “looking into”.

What needs to be looked into is the social confrontation arising from imbalances in the status of various ethnic communities as well as power distribution.

Terrifyingly, there are still people who have made every attempt to get Chinese Malaysians to forego their rights instead of redressing such imbalances.

Going all out for votes and power. Now I can see they are really not the same!


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