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Inclusivity the core value in nation-building

  • In no way should our prosperity, result of the hard work of all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion, be destroyed in the hands of one single man.

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Perak's Sultan Nazrin Shah stressed recently that the voice of moderation, which has helped promote national unity and inclusivity since Independence, must not be hijacked by shortsighted politics.

He reminded Malaysians that the future of this country and her people should not be at the mercy of organizations which embraced extreme political or racial ideologies.

Looking back at our nation-building history, indeed the political principles and philosophies strongly advocated by the nation's founding fathers while fighting for the country's independence had made inclusivity as core value, as Sultan Nazrin Shah has highlighted.

Such a spirit of inclusivity has successfully united Malaysians of different backgrounds to overcome the many challenges they face.

Unfortunately, under the enticement of power and personal gains, many have begun to abandon this precious attribute as they engage in talks and actions that may bring hazards to other people in advancing their own interests.

During such a crucial moment, we need some wise people to come forth to put things back order, or adopt the necessary measures to prevent the situation from becoming worse.

The recent disparaging remarks by Zakir Naik have seriously hurt the feelings of Chinese and Indian Malaysians.

Initially the Indian Muslim preacher somehow managed to get the endorsement of some politicians in the country, and this has further emboldened him to the extent that he even lodged a police report against political leaders who have censured him for jeopardizing national unity and religious harmony.

It is obvious enough that Zakir's speeches lack the element of inclusivity. It is unbecoming for a preacher to openly distort the teachings of other religions and deride their believers.

As for those politicians, organizations or scholars eager to defend or even shelter him, they have completely trashed the core value of nation-building as well as our Rukunegara, undermining the interest of the nation and her people in violation of the fundamental principles agreed upon during the authoring of the Federal Constitution.

The more recent development is that more politicians on both sides of the divide are now opting to draw a line between themselves and Zakir. They value our interracial harmony and will not allow irresponsible people to continue fanning racial sentiments and dividing our people.

More and more Malaysians now realize who among our politicians are matured and responsible and who are mortgaging the rakyat's interest for their own.

The way the police are handling the Zakir issue is equally commendable. Taking into consideration national security, the police have requested all parties having made arrangements for Zakir's public speeches to halt all the activities while slapping a ban on the preacher to deliver public speeches nationwide.

After receiving countless of reports lodged against Zakir, the police have taken the decisive step to stop him from further spreading the seed of hatred among Malaysians, which is the right and utterly essential move.

It is hoped that politicians and religious individuals who have kept speaking for Zakir will stop doing so instantly. Lest we forget, all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion have contributed remarkably to the prosperity we are now enjoying, and in no way should such prosperity be destroyed in the hands of a single man.


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