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We all could see so clearly, why couldn't the Rocket?

  • Unfortunately we have become these people's target whenever they come under tremendous pressure from the masses and are trying to look for an object to divert public attention. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

Sin Chew Daily

Lim Guan Eng said the discontent of non-Malays in the country had stemmed from Sin Chew Daily's news reports.

“Such reports have successfully aroused the public's fear for eroded identity of Chinese and Tamil primary schools.”

In the meantime, Liew Chin Tong said the Jawi controversy was like a wildfire, or even an earthquake.

“We can only seek a breakthrough if the party will not dance to the tune of the public opinions designed by Sin Chew Daily.”

These two DAP gentlemen have attributed the “fire and earthquake” arising from the Jawi issue to the phobia raised by Sin Chew Daily and the public opinions it has designed.

I really get confused now. Are these people trying to say that Sin Chew Daily is also doubling up as the education ministry with sufficient power to incorporate Jawi calligraphy into the BM curriculum of Chinese primary schools?

Or our reports that Jawi calligraphy will be included in Year Four BM curriculum starting from next year are a big lie?

Positively not! This thing is real! No fabrication or distortion of the story!

And since it is fact, and that this policy has not been orchestrated by Sin Chew Daily in any way, then why must DAP's top guns point their fingers specifically at us?

If Sin Chew Daily did not carry this news, would it mean that Jawi calligraphy will not be introduced in Chinese primary schools?

If we don't comment on this issue, will the Chinese community and parents happily accept the introduction of Jawi classes?

Of course not.

I am pretty sure readers and members of the public have not become so infuriated just because they have read our news reports and editorials.

The leaders of ten major Chinese and Tamil education organizations in the country are highly respected and knowledgeable people of our society. They will never “dance to the tune of public opinions designed by Sin Chew Daily".

Additionally, there are plenty of English-educated Chinese parents as well as Indians who do not understand Chinese and will not read Sin Chew Daily. They are equally adamant in opposing this new government policy on the social media. They definitely have not been influenced by Sin Chew Daily's writings.

Please, Mr Lim and Mr Liew, do not underestimate Malaysians' wisdom. They know how to think and reason things out.

We could see how the government has hastily forced the policy into our education system without consulting the public.

We are of the opinion that this ill-designed measure will only thin out the student's time for learning, increase their burden and eventually erode their competitiveness.

Malaysians have sufficient judgment power to realize the very limited practical value of the Jawi script.

As a matter of fact, any education policy must be drawn up to prepare our children for the future, not to put them back in history.

We still have vivid memories of how the education roadmap for our schools -- from SRKs, SMKs through to tertiary institutions -- has been geared towards religionism. Chinese and Tamil primary schools are the last fortresses to defend our spirit of secularism.

If we could see all this so clearly, why couldn't DAP's top leaders?

It appears to me that Sin Chew Daily has unfortunately become these people's target whenever they come under tremendous pressure from the masses and are trying to look for an object to divert public attention.

Sin Chew Daily is only playing its role as a responsible media. We carry our news reports based on facts, and comment based on logical analysis and sound reasoning.

As for the rest, we will leave it to our readers to comprehend and pass their own judgments.

We respect our readers' wisdom and we believe in the people's rights. It has never crossed our mind to want to manipulate the consensus.

It is hoped that our political parties and their leaders too will adhere to their own ethics and social responsibilities.


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