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PKR's worsening infighting

  • Intense power struggle will only spawn more uncertainties at the expense of the country's economic development, which is what Malaysians are most reluctant to see. Photo courtesy: Bernama

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The curtain has yet to fall on the sex video scandal but has instead seeped into the core of PKR leadership, triggering an irreparable rift between party president Anwar Ibrahim and his deputy Azmin Ali.

As the largest component within the ruling coalition, if PKR's infighting is allowed to deteriorate, the whole country's political situation will be adversely affected.

The police is still in the process of investigating the incident. Anwar has said if Azmin is found to be one of the two men in the sex video, he should resign.

The statement has since sparked tremendous backlash in Azmin's camp.

In response to Anwar's remark, Azmin said Anwar should first “look in the mirror”.

Subsequently, some 27 MP's, state assemblymen and party leaders from PKR voiced their support for Azmin in a joint statement, and hit out at the party president in a highly unusual occasion by urging him to stop issuing statements that could jeopardize party unity.

While Anwar later attempted to let the controversy thin out, the crack has already been exposed and there is no way to cover it up any more.

From Azmin's camp, vice president Zuraida Kamaruddin admitted publicly that there was indeed a split within the party, and said it's now time to strengthen the party's internal unity.

It is foreseeable that the sex video scandal will continue to bring out PKR's internal power struggle.

It has been reported that the police have already confirmed the authenticity of the video but are unable to 100% establish the identity of the persons in video, which means this whole thing has not come to a stop as yet.

The split within PKR is more than just about one particular political party. It will not only adversely affect the party but also the stability of the PH administration as a whole.

If Anwar is unable to keep things in check and allow the crack to widen further, there will be increased elements of uncertainty to the country's politics.

Although Tun Mahathir should hand over the baton to Anwar as per PH agreement, with the power of Anwar now dwindling as a result of party division, the prime minister has all the reasons to stay in office longer.

Up till this minute, Anwar remains PH's agreed heir to premiership, but as the political changes become increasingly unpredictable, it will be hard for anyone to say for sure what will happen next.

From the sex video to the split in PKR, indeed Malaysians have become excessively frustrated with such dirty political tricks and fights.

PKR leaders, as part of the ruling team, should put in more effort to revitalize the country's economy and reform our institutions instead of allowing themselves to be dragged into the quagmire of vicious party infighting.

Malaysians voted for PH in the 2018 general elections with the hope the new leaders will bring them the promised changes.

As mentioned earlier, intense power struggle will only spawn more uncertainties at the expense of the country's economic development, which is what Malaysians are most reluctant to see.


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