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Towards a healthy lifestyle

  • We must forego our favorite snacks and start going outdoors and move our muscles in order to live a healthy life.

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The cabinet has decided to let civil servants in government departments do physical exercises for 15 minutes in the morning or afternoon.

From what we know, this measure has already been implemented in some government departments, and the government will issue the relevant guidelines later.

Exercise is a good habit that should be encouraged. Civil servants are not the only people that need to exercise, all Malaysians should also have this habit of exercising their bodies in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

Today, we are living in an affluent society characterized by excessive calorie intake, unhealthy lifestyles and a severe lack of physical exercises. As a result, people are getting sick very easily and are suffering from a host of health issues.

According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) , obesity rate is constantly on the rise in Malaysia, with one in two adults having this problem.

The obesity rate of Malaysia is among the highest in Asia, with almost half of our population having the problem of excessive fat. And this is not something we should take pride in.

Obesity will bring a host of health issues and will even affect an individual's job efficiency as well as quality of life, not just external appearances.

Bear in mind that a healthy body will remarkably boost a person's job efficiency and allow him or her to enjoy a more exciting lifestyle.

From the country's perspectives, obesity will reduce the people's productivity, resulting in huge economic losses while significantly increasing public health cost.

To address the problem of obesity, it is essential that we closely monitor our diet and spend more time exercising.

The government's intention of getting civil servants to exercise is indeed commendable, but this has to be done after taking all the factors into consideration so that the quality of public services will not be compromised.

Allowing civil servants to exercise for 15 minutes during working time is believed to help improve their health conditions. However, the public are concerned that this will affect the civil servants' job efficiency. Moreover, cleaning up after profuse sweating could be a problem which must also be taken into consideration.

Perhaps the government can consider adopting other measures such as encouraging civil servants to exercise after work.

In short, lack of exercise among civil servants and the general public is never a healthy phenomenon. The complications of obesity are well known and it is unnecessary for us to tabulate here. It is good that the government has sensed this problem and is doing something to rectify it.

Meanwhile, Malaysians must also have enhanced health awareness. We must forego our favorite snacks and start going outdoors and move our muscles in order to live a healthy life.


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