4:01pm 22/10/2023
As a Muslim and a Malaysian, I reject PAS to be with Unity Government
By:Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

Talks are in the air about PAS being “invited” to be with the Unity Government.

To be fair, it was Mahiaddin who rejected to form the government when asked by the YDP Agong. At that time, we did not know Hadi Awang’s stand.

However, in a recent speech Hadi has likened the Unity Government as a coalition that has former convicts, corrupt people and also the court cluster, and therefore PAS would not like to dive into a pot of filth to be with that coalition.

It is worth noting that the former convict referred to might be Anwar himself, the corrupt people would probably be Najib, and the court cluster could be Zahid.

The most interesting thing in the “moral high ground” of Hadi is that he was once with all the group of “filth” before this.

In the Reformasi years, PAS and Hadi fought to free Anwar and then formed a coalition with him. Then, before 2018, Hadi was photographed with Najib and many saw their “hidden” relationship before GE14.

Finally, during the Sheraton Move, Hadi worked with Zahid Hamidi and Umno to secure a “backdoor government.”

So, we now know who is the biggest political hypocrite.

Anyway, I am all in agreement with Hadi that PAS should not be part of the Unity Government. Of course, my reasons are different and PAS to me is the “filth” of Malaysia as a nation.

However, this does not mean that PAS has always been a kind of political “filth.”

In the days of Reformasi, I strongly supported PAS and became a lifetime member to free Anwar from injustice and to save Malaysia from Mahathir and BN.

However, from 2016 onward, PAS began to show its strange color with Hadi Awang as the leader in wanting to work with the “Umno filth” to become the government.

Their gamble failed in GE14 but their luck changed in 2020. With the deadly virus came an even deadlier PAS sharing power with their “filthy friend” Umno.

PAS should not be part of the Unity Government…the party to me is the “filth” of Malaysia as a nation.

My first reason for not agreeing to invite PAS to be part of the Unity Government is that the new PAS under Hadi has shown utter contempt to not only DAP, but all Malaysians as well as some Malays also.

To non-Malays, PAS considers them as “animals” or binatang, and to some Malays they are considered liberals out to compromise Islam.

The derogatory words used by Sanusi and Hadi have never been challenged by any other leaders in PAS, and so we must assume that PAS is encouraging a brand of “supremacist and racist Islam” by not according dignity to all Malaysians.

It is true that PAS has not robbed the country like some other Malay party, and it is also true that PAS was not responsible for killings like May 13. But treating Malaysians with the most contempt using religion to me is worse than the robbing the country and the many killings of May 13.

PAS is not only destroying Malaysia, it is also destroying the true Islam of the Prophet Muhammad.

Secondly, none of the PAS MPs have any real idea for saving the economy, environment or even the poor. Their record shows just buying Mercedes and paying off voters in elections.

These people have nothing to offer. Hadi himself took gaji buta for many years without an iota of benefit to Malaysians. Issues raised are all converted into religious issues and painting a narrow perspective of Islam.

Thirdly, I do not believe that proposing a confidence and supply agreement with a party that threatens Malaysia with racial and religious issues would send a professional message of growth to our democracy.

The C&S agreement must come because the other parties that have different views of governing Malaysia and organizing her resources, not making enemies of the citizens and benefiting from the threat of civil disturbance and unrest.

Even though the problem of pacifying Malays will be easily solved by having PAS as a partner, I think the price of the dignity of our people will forever be jeopardized and desecrated.

PAS under Hadi Awang is not fit to not only be with the Unity Government, it is not even fit to be part of this nation!

(Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor of Architecture at a local university and his writing reflects his own personal opinion entirely.)


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