4:50pm 04/10/2023
Indonesia to deport two Chinese nationals wanted in murder case

JAKARTA: Indonesia is set to deport two Chinese nationals wanted by Beijing in relation to a murder case, authorities said Wednesday.

The archipelago nation’s immigration authorities detained the two men on Friday as they ate at a restaurant in north Jakarta.

The two suspects were identified only as W.J., 43, and W.C., 41, and were slated to be deported on Thursday, the Law and Human Rights Ministry’s immigration director general Silmy Karim told reporters.

“We don’t want Indonesia to be the destination of criminals escaping from abroad. We will continue to catch those on the wanted list in Indonesia,” he said.

He provided no details about the murder case for which the pair are wanted, noting they had traveled to Indonesia using fake passports.

Karim said authorities moved to arrest the two men after the Chinese embassy in Indonesia alerted them to the pair’s presence in the country.

They pair have been in Indonesia since 2004, he added, and resisted arrest when officers swooped in.

In August, Indonesian and Chinese authorities cooperated to arrest scores of Chinese nationals on suspicion of running an online love scam syndicate that ensnared hundreds of victims in China.

More than 153 Chinese nationals were ultimately deported, according to local media reports.




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