3:34pm 27/09/2023
RM3 lunch in Melaka

MELAKA: Five Loaves & Two Fish Kitchen is a food outlet that has been selling meals at affordable prices in Tengkera, Melaka, since April 1 this year.

A plate of rice with one type of meat and a vegetable dish costs only RM3, and RM5 for one meat and two types of vegetable dishes.

For a cup of coffee, the price is just RM1.

Zhang Xue Yuan, 46, owner of the family business involving his elder sister, brother-in-law, mother and aunt, said by selling food at affordable prices, he hopes that everyone can have a good meal.

Pictures of the dishes are uploaded on the Facebook page every day.

The cook will be preparing about 10 dishes on a daily basis and start selling at 11 a.m. The dishes are normally sold out around 2 p.m.

The outlet is packed with patrons from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., as more and more people know about the affordable rates charged for a meal.

Zhang, who witnessed people going through hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic, said he decided to start a food business which is back to basics to cater for the needs of everyone.

His idea received tremendous support from his family.

“We have seen that many senior citizens opt to have just bread for breakfast and lunch in order to save money. They can only afford a decent meal a day at dinner.

“We hope the food outlet will be able to help them in a small manner,” said Zhang.

While one may think that Zhang will incur losses for selling cheap, he has the support of his suppliers.

For patrons who wish to make contribution to the underprivileged group by buying meals in bulk, Zhang said he was open for negotiation in order to get more people involved in charity.

“The key does not lie with profit margin but to be involved in tasks with a good purpose. As a Christian, I believe God will provide and hope to share this belief with everyone,” he said.

Zhang is happy to see his patrons’ smiling faces when paying for their meals.

Some of his patrons actually pay him additional RM2 as a token of appreciation.

Zhang is planning to extend his business hours till dinner, and may be starting a food truck selling mixed rice too.




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