4:31pm 26/09/2023
Mooncake by elderlies to raise fund for old folks’ home

KAJANG: With volunteers’ help, several residents at an old folks’ home are making mooncakes to raise fund for the home.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Warga Emas Sungai Chua has a total of 20 residents aged 60 and above, and six of them are involved in the making of mooncakes for sale, in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival on Friday (Sept. 30).

 The home has been relying on donations to pay for the monthly expenses of RM22,800 in rent, meals, utility fees, caretakers, medication and others.

Proceeds from the sale of mooncakes will be used to pay for some of the home’s expenses.

Choo Way Hao, the person-in-charge at the home, said with support from volunteers, six of the residents have been busy making mooncakes since early September.

One of the residents, Huang Jin Yu, 83, is glad that she can help make the mooncakes.

“It is gratifying for me to be able to help the home make some extra income. I get to spend time making mooncakes too,” she said.

Xie Wen Nan, a 74-year-old resident, is thankful that he has a shelter.

“I participate in making mooncakes so that the home can continue to operate,” he said.

Another resident, Chen Mu Fa, 61, said he is getting used to making mooncakes now.

“Initially it was quite difficult and messy for me. Adding the filling into the dough is easy now,” said Chen.

A total of 120 boxes of mooncakes and another 60 packs of biscuits have been sold so far.

A box of snow-skin mooncakes or baked mooncakes is RM78 (four pieces) while a pack of biscuits (eight pieces) is RM15.

Those keen to support the home please contact Macs Kong at 014-641 4138.

Visit the home’s website or Facebook for more information.



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