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Anwar’s Madani anti-corruption government has lost all credibility
By:Mariam Mokhtar

We have been betrayed yet again, and worse still, by an administration that promised us reform, promised us that it would tackle corruption and promised us a fair and equitable nation.

Anwar Ibrahim has achieved his life-long ambition to become prime minister and he was supported by eager, politically and socially conscious Malaysians who were desperate for reform and good governance.

He’s got what he wanted, but what about us?

It’s looking more like Refor-mati and not Reformasi.

Some of us reluctantly looked away when Anwar formed his Unity Government.

These hapless individuals believed him when he said corruption would be eradicated, and those responsible for acts against the public would face justice.

In the end, the election pledges came to nothing. Why should we be surprised?

The long-suffering rakyat are again the victims of politicians who promise the earth but deliver nothing.

If politicians are the problem, then who or what is the solution?

The latest charade involving this Madani administration is Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s discharge not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA) on all 47 charges leveled against him.

On 4 September, the prosecution applied for a DNAA for 12 criminal breach of trust (CBT) charges, eight counts of bribery and 27 for money laundering, involving scores of millions of ringgit belonging to Yayasan Akal Budi.

The Madani administration claims that the DNAA was the court’s decision, but many people disagree.

Even if that was true, massive damage has been inflicted on the government.

Anwar who was on a “Temu Anwar Jakarta” visit to Indonesia, said he had nothing to do with the Attorney-General Chambers’ decision to discontinue Zahid’s case. His Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution agreed.

Both said the AGC exercised full authority over the prosecution and that he (the AG) had already furnished an answer for his decision.

Perhaps, Anwar thinks that it is all back to normal and business as usual from now on. Zahid is off the hook, for now, and will naturally remain loyal to Anwar.

Both men have got what they want, which is to remain in politics and be in the driving seat of power.

Does Anwar and his entire cabinet take us for fools?

In our pursuit of justice against corruption, did we just waste the court’s time, our time, valuable resources, taxpayers’ money and initiate the futile exercise of producing witnesses in court?

Politicians don’t care because the Malaysian taxpayers will foot the bill.

Where are the DAP politicians? When in opposition, they were outspoken, morally upright and not afraid to demand action and justice.

Zahid’s case is a serious public interest issue. So why are the DAP politicians acting like ostriches burying their heads in the sand?

Or is there some truth in the criticism of many Malaysians that they have sacrificed their principles to be the new silent partner in the Unity Government, filling the role once occupied by the MCA who remained subservient to the more dominant Umno-Baru in the former BN coalition?

In recent years, we have seen many allegedly corrupt senior politicians who abused their powers, who have been acquitted or whose lengthy court cases were discontinued with a DNAA. Even Najib’s son was cleared of all charges.

Malaysia will remain infamous as a nation where justice is irrelevant, where the rich and mighty get off scot-free, where only the downtrodden will get punished with fines and lengthy jail terms for stealing food to feed their families during hard times.

Some politicians in the Madani administration, of which Zahid is a fully fledged member, may claim that Zahid’s case is a “political persecution.”

It is not! The Umno-Baru president’ s case has been brewing for five years. Judge Colin Lawrence Sequerah found that the prosecution had established prima facie (answerable case) against Zahid and ordered him to enter his defense.

Through no fault of his own, will the judge’s reputation now be tarnished with Zahid’s DNAA?

Despite their denials, the damage inflicted on Anwar and his Madani administration is huge. They have lost all credibility. It is downhill from now on.

Politicians are the major source of our problems, but we too share the blame for participating in foolish choices like “If it is not Anwar, then who? We don’t want the Green Wave or Mahiaddin or Hadi to rule Malaysia.”

Next time, add integrity when we elect our politicians, because without integrity, everything else will soon fall apart.

We keep on selecting mediocre and useless politicians, then wonder where it all went wrong. Don’t allow exceptions.

The irony is that the unity government presides over a disunited rakyat.

We call ourselves a multicultural nation, but a few weeks ago, the PM was reluctant to address pertinent issues about racism and quotas in education.

We should demand excellence in our politicians but we would prefer organisations like Bersih to do it for us.

This latest DNAA will mean many of us will lose interest in the goings-on in Putrajaya and state administrations.

This is dangerous because politicians can continue to peddle their trade with little or no obstruction from the public.

Don’t tell me that out of 15 million Malaysians of adult age, not even one man or woman of whatever creed or culture has the leadership qualities to lead us out of this political swamp?


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(Mariam Mokhtar is a Freelance Writer.)


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