12:21pm 09/05/2023
Our Malaysia is on the edge of the precipice…
By:Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

In this special article, I have decided to write about some information that have come from my “underground sources.”

As long as I have been writing, all my information has come from “above ground” sources like the media, forum discussions, meetings with colleagues, WhatsApp discussions of families, friends and professional Malay groups.

From these sources, I decide the condition and state of the country and then write what I think we as Malaysians should do or pay attention to.

Recently, I have been writing to Malaysians to be wary of the advice and criticism of our own civil society personalities in their severe criticism of Anwar, Zahid, PH and Umno which may cause many Malaysians to lose faith in the unity government and thus would fail to come out to vote for PH and Umno.

If good Malaysians stay home in the next state elections, PN will sweep all the six states, and MPs in parliament will shift their alliance to those they think will command a stronger influence.

There is also the open secret of 15 or 19 traitorous MPs who will resign during the state elections and who knows, Tun M might come out to be one of the candidates but this time fully supported by PN which has just signed his Melayu Proclamation.

My underground sources have confirmed that PN now has the war chest from two literally filthy-rich Melayu politicians, and that money is now being spread out to social media influencers and popular personalities to carry the narrative of the Malays being victimized, DAP as evil kafirs and Anwar as the munafiq working with Jews, Christians and liberals.

So far Anwar is carrying the battle against this narrative single-handedly. He has had no help from his minister in charge of JAKIM, nor help from his minister of unity and none from the minister in charge of higher education.

My own personal check came out zero in all these aspects, and aside from the open house charm offensive, development goodies and a few billboards, Anwar has no other help.

His charm on the religious scholars have yet to see these people doing anything significant in terms of recreating the idea of Islam and nation-building.

I see much of the Friday sermon topics have nothing to do with creating a new Muslim Malay who is more open, magnanimous and strong in accepting challenges of the world. Zero.

Public universities still have shown nothing about making students more intelligent politically and this will make them accept any TikTok narrative and do like one Malay rapper’s lyric of “Kalau aku like, aku like; kalau tak suka aku swipe, swipe.

Everything the young nowadays decide is just click “like” or swipe away without critical thinking as well as a wider look at the issues.

The underground sources also tell me that the planning for state elections is being done in a most excellent manner and will cause PN to win hands down with Malay votes.

The six state elections will determine if Malaysia pulls away from the precipice and is grounded for the next four years, or our ideals and dreams of Malaysia will fall over into the abyss of despair.

What must Malaysians do?

Firstly, we Malaysians must refrain from severely commenting on any issue by the members of the unity government and let Anwar sort out the family problems himself without us being backseat drivers.

We Malaysians must “play politics” of patience, wisdom and political decorum in voicing opinions that are critical. This in no way means we are “surrendering” our fates to Anwar and his coalition but we must be more understanding, sabar and opportunistic with a wider strategy and context, if we feel we must air an opinion.

Secondly, we must get everyone who loves our Malaysia and not a racist Malaysia to come out in full strength to counter the onslaught of lies and half truths by populist influencers.

Bridget Walsh had recorded a drop in non-Malay voters and an increase in Malay voters in GE15.

This MUST NOT happen. Those who can return home must do so or else the likes of Azmin Ali and Faizal Azumu will be chief ministers, and Tun M may become the next PM again in a parliamentary by-election, with Hadi and Muhyiddin as two expensive DPMs.

Our media must ensure that news dividing the country be reported in a way that is not destructive to our spirit.

Of late, the media seems to be showing more negative news of the unity government and focusing strongly on the scandalous accusations of PN.

Although these seem to be the more interesting view and sells newspapers, the media is unwittingly being “managed” by people who would destroy the Malaysia we want.

Finally, make no mistake, the six state elections will determine if Malaysia pulls away from the precipice and is grounded for the next four years, or our ideals and dreams of Malaysia will fall over into the abyss of despair.

We Malaysians can still save our country by being more matured, by having more wisdom and by being more committed to vote and be involved in directly changing our country for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

The Battle for Malaysia has begun…again, and we are all called to strive once more to perform our democratic duty.

(Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor of Architecture at a local university and his writing reflects his own personal opinion entirely.)


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