4:38pm 25/08/2022
Malaysian victim in Myanmar’s KK Park sends SOS to media after Taiwanese are rescued

PETALING JAYA: A Malaysian victim stranded in the notorious KK Park in northern Myanmar sent SOS messages to various media organizations requesting the Malaysian government to rescue him and over a hundred other Malaysians.

He claimed that more than 100 Malaysians are being tortured by the job scam syndicate located in KK Park.

One of his friends was shot dead by a security guard for attempting to escape, he said.

“The Taiwanese trapped with us here have been rescued.

“According to them, the Taiwanese government has come forward to rescue them. Why no action from the Malaysia side?

“Is the government giving up on us?” he asked.

Locked inside a dark tiny closet, he was given five minutes to use a handphone once a week, he said.

It is learned that after the Taiwan media featured news articles of Taiwanese falling prey to online job scams in Myanmar and Cambodia, the Taiwanese government as well as triad have exploited their connections to extend help.

Bamboo Union, a triad in Taiwan, contacted the syndicate in KK Park to release Taiwanese victims without paying any ransom.

It was circulated on a Telegram group chat set up by the syndicate that all Taiwanese in KK Park would be allowed to leave KK Park.

Expenses of their departure are covered by the syndicate after the Bamboo Union triad came forward to approach the syndicate.


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