5:18pm 30/03/2023
Cameron Highlands strawberries now selling cheap
Strawberries are selling cheap in Cameron Highlands due to Ramadan and low number of tourists.

CAMERON HIGHLANDS: The price of strawberries in Cameron Highlands has plunged drastically due to the Muslim fasting month and low number of tourists.

A box of 500 g strawberries is now selling at about RM10, which is two to three times cheaper than normal days, due to the low number of tourists.

The fresh strawberries are made into strawberry jam, strawberry ice and other products.

The price of strawberries is expected to be back to normal during Hari Raya.

Cameron Highlands Vegetable Farmers Organization president Datuk Chai Kok Lim said the number of tourists visiting Cameron Highlands is down by 70%, and strawberry is becoming very cheap now.

The wholesale price of strawberry is only RM14 per kg at this moment, he added.

“For tourists keen to experience strawberry plucking, they will still want to have the experience regardless of the price.

“The price of strawberries plucked by tourists is about RM70 per kg,” he said.

Datuk Chai Kok Lim (L) and Goh Bing Luen.

Goh Bing Luen, owner of Strawberry Valley Cameron Highlands, said a box of 500 g strawberries is sold between RM20 and RM30 during peak season, but is only RM10 now.

“If you buy in bulk, you may even pay less than RM20 per kg.

“A tourist just bought 60 kg of strawberries several days ago,” he said.

Goh said the price of strawberries should be back to normal during Hari Raya.

“For the unsold strawberries, operators will make into strawberry jam, strawberry juice and other products,” he said.

The person-in-charge at Strawberry Station said many operators are selling strawberries at cost price to clear the stock.

Many are selling the fruit without nice packaging for RM20 to RM25 per kg.


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