5:13pm 28/02/2023
Leukemia patient recovers after bone marrow transplant with funds raised by Shan Xin Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: A 39-year-old leukemia patient is recuperating after undergoing a stem cell bone marrow transplant at Universiti Malaysia Medical Center (UMMC).

Diagnosed with leukemia, Teo Foon Chong from Kuching needed RM100,000 for the transplant in which his elder brother would be the donor.

The family and relatives only managed to raise RM50,000 among themselves. They approached a committee member of Pertubuhan Kebajikan Shan Xin Malaysia in Kuching for help last November.

Besides donating RM10,000, Shan Xin Malaysia helped the family raise another RM40,000 in ten days.

Shan Xin Malaysia president Datuk Seri Wong Ing Tong (R2) hands over a RM50,000 mock check to Teo, witnessed by Shan Xin Malaysia secretary Seow Chee Kong (L1) and treasurer Koay Kim Long.

Persatuan Klan Zhang Negeri Sarawak and committee members contributed RM14,300; Zheng Clan Association Kuching/Samarahan/Serian Division of Sarawak and members chipped in RM7,700, while an charity organization known as CCEP offered RM5,000.

Teo, a kitchen helper, was admitted to UMMC on January 31 for the stem cell bone marrow transplant.

The transplant operation was only performed last Monday, as he had to undergo chemotherapy due to the presence of cancer cells.

Teo is currently staying in a relative’s house in Kuala Lumpur so that he can visit UMMC every week.




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