12:53pm 23/11/2022
GE15 marks the birth of ‘unity is strength’
By:Asohan Satkunasingham

As I write, with a hung parliament, the respective political blocs are trying to make their presentation to YDPA in proving their legitimacy to form the government. Whichever is the outcome, one thing is for sure, GE15 has marked the resurgence of unity is strength.

I wish to speak for myself based on my observations, why I believe the GE15 results could be seen as a precursor for building Malaysia along the collaborative spirit.

When we take a closer look at our Coat of Arms, which is the official seal on letterheads, it states “Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu”. In direct translation “unity is strength” or association improves quality. Hence, from the onset of our independence, it is clear, only when our 40 ethnicities in Malaysia are able to work interdependently and associated together, improvement to our quality in all spheres of our life, be it in economy, social or even politics is envisaged. Not pitting against but petting with each other will make our bersekutu bertambah mutu.

If we analyse a few national emblems of our neighboring countries than we could conclude that such countries have a nation that reflects, adopts and practices their national emblem creed to dictate their way of life. For example, the national emblem of Indonesia is called Garuda Pancasila, inscribed with the national motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, translated as “Unity in Diversity”. Thus, making their growth trajectory, evident.

Likewise, for Singapore by taking a stand of being a young nation on the ascendant, their coat of arms inscribed in Malay language “Majulah Singapura” or “Onward Singapore” has been their guiding force for nation building.

I come from a human resource background. Over those 30 years as a practitioner, I have dealt immensely in unionized working environment. In all my dealings for resolution, I thrive from a conflict situation and strive to resolve matters in a collaborative manner. Guided by the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model for a win-win solution, not an exclusive win for my own career but an inclusive win for both employee and organisational effectiveness.

Therefore, based on the results of the GE15, it is evident that the voters with a turnout of 73.89% has now spoken to our lawmakers to transform themselves and adopt a new collaborative mindset of working in association with each other for the sake of nation building. Hence PH obtaining 5,885,082 votes, which represents 38% of the turnout percentage, which I stand corrected on the figures must find an amicable way to develop such association to further improve the political quality and begin to mark the birth of a new era of a unity government that governs with good governance for the betterment of this nation.

A nation’s strength and unity in its diversity must be the embracing factor of the respective political ideology in working towards a unity government to achieve the true meaning in our coat of arms.

The guiding notion should be “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

(Asohan Satkunasingham is an Author with over three decades of human resource experience and Chairman of Persatuan Usahasama Perkembangan Ukhuwah @ PUPUK.)


Asohan Satkunasingham
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