1:00pm 14/09/2022
Najib has ‘auta-ritis’ and not ulceritis
By:Mariam Mokhtar

The convicted felon, Najib Abdul Razak, is making a mockery of the justice system and testing the patience of the Malaysian public.

His trials have never proven to be straightforward affairs, but are full of drama and are worse than any TV soap opera.

His problem is that he lives in denial, has narcissistic tendencies some of which are his sense of entitlement and his exaggerated need for attention. His inflated ego refuses to accept that he has done wrong. He has failed to acknowledge that he has been convicted, and is desperate to try any trick to get out of jail.

Days into his 12-year prison term, Najib claimed that he was seriously ill.

He complained that the prison clinic was inadequate for his medical needs, and insisted that he was treated at Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

His daughter, special officer and lawyer are milking this latest health scare for all its worth.

They are trying to create an image that the hospital is not acting in his best interests, but Malaysians are not stupid.

The keyword here is “his.” If it’s good enough for others, why isn’t it good enough for him?

When the medical staff at KL Hospital gave him the all clear and sent him back to prison with a revised prescription, Najib claimed to have fallen ill again, and this time his preferred place for treatment was the National Heart Institute.

Do all convicts have their requests granted as easily as Najib’s?

Are Malaysians to stand and watch idly by whilst this criminal creates havoc and insults our intelligence?

What is the point of having laws and rules if irresponsible people like Najib break the rules and refuse to be punished?

What is the point of having lengthy trials, wasting taxpayers’ money, and having scores of legal researchers collecting evidence and recording witness statements if Najib and his team of lawyers manage to avoid sentencing and avoid Najib’s other trials with their creative ways of avoiding punishment?

What is the point of having laws and rules if irresponsible people like Najib break the rules and refuse to be punished?

Najib, who has claimed that he did not receive a fair trial, has now applied for a royal pardon and a judicial review of his Federal Court sentencing.

It’s almost as if no one has ever said the word “No” to Najib his whole life.

He is so desperate to avoid punishment that he is prepared to sacrifice the Agong’s special bond with the rakyat.

He is prepared to risk the future of the monarchy if a royal pardon were to be granted.

More importantly, Najib risks destroying the “democracy” in Malaysia.

He cannot be the first nor last prisoner to have complained of blood pressure related problems.

Were the other prisoners given preferential attention? One would hardly think so.

Najib is a convict who forced the country to its knees, and whose abuse of power and theft of the public purse caused our nation to hemorrhage money.

Amazingly, one person who did come to the defense of the rakyat was the Sultan of Selangor.

It was an extraordinary announcement that was long overdue, but very well received by ordinary members of the rakyat.

The Sultan urged the public to respect the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary. He made no bones about declaring that in the eyes of the law, all citizens must be treated equally irrespective of their status and position.

So, why won’t Ismail Sabri, the prime minister, listen? He ordered the ministry of health to provide Najib with the best medical treatment, but isn’t Ismail risking his own political future especially with GE15 around the corner?

Why would Ismail avoid the wise words of the Selangor ruler who said everyone is equal before the law?

If the health ministry were to bend the rules for Najib, then all prisoners who are ill should also be given the same preferential treatment.

What makes Najib and Umno-Baru’s supporters think that justice should be done only to those who are rich enough to afford it? Why should the nation be subjected to two levels of justice, one for the ordinary rakyat and another for those with ample wealth to pay for a favorable justice?

Najib was found guilty of all seven charges in the SRC International corruption case. He was fined RM210 million and sentenced to a 12-year prison term.

Prior to his conviction, both Najib and his lawyer Shafee Abdullah attempted several delay tactics to postpone the trial. Najib’s illnesses would range from red eyes to stomach bugs and as of late, heart-related issues.

Amazingly, he would have the energy of a bull when he needed to traverse the length and breadth of Malaysia to promote his manufactured image.

He would be in the pink of health when he canvassed on behalf of Umno-Baru in several by-elections.

The pampered Najib wants to dictate his terms from behind bars.

A battle of words has started between his family and KL Hospital. Why should the doctors risk their professional reputation and integrity?

Isn’t it extraordinary that whilst he was globetrotting and enjoying the hectic schedule of meeting heads of states, playing golf with presidents, savoring fine dining whilst accompanying his wife on her mega shopping escapades, not once did he complain about any of his current health symptoms?


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(Mariam Mokhtar is a Freelance Writer.)


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