4:27pm 20/07/2022
Musang King is not RM168/kg as claimed on social media

RAUB: Musang King is priced between RM80 and RM110 per kilogram this week, not RM168/kg as claimed on social media.

Durian wholesalers said such fake news was created to push Musang King prices higher.

The fake news uploaded by a wholesaler in Kampung Sungai Chetang on Facebook has caught the attention of many.

One commented that the price of Musang King was crazy, while another described the price as “horrible”.

One asked if the price would be increased further to RM188.

Yu Zi Wan, a wholesaler from Tras New Village, Raub, said the highest price of Musang King he bought was RM110 per kg which only lasted for four days from last Thursday to Sunday as many wholesalers were buying durians.

He said the prices of Musang King between RM180 and RM200 posted on Facebook were untrue.

“The wholesale price of grade A Musang King has dropped to RM80 per kg while grade B is between RM50 and RM60. Durian stock is dwindling and expected to last for two more weeks only,” he said.

Xu Guan Xing, a director of Koh Authentic Durian Taste M Sdn.Bhd, said the price of Musang King was RM105 to RM110 in Kampung Chetang but RM80 in Sungai Ruan.

“Durians are in demand as durian feasts are held either in Genting Highlands or Klang Valley, pushing the prices to RM110 per kg,” he said.

The importers from China paid RM80 to RM85 per kg in June, he said, adding that local wholesalers were unable to offer higher prices to buy from small estate holders to avoid incurring losses.


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