4:01pm 05/07/2022
More expensive funeral packages soon with 20% spike in prices

PETALING JAYA: Funeral packages are not spared in the recent price hikes.

Malaysia Funeral Public Association president Kong Thian Hau said the prices of funeral packages for various religions would be revised by at least 20% from August 1 to cope with the rising prices of funeral service products in July.

He said the price for two-day-one-night funeral packages had increased from RM10,000 to RM12,000, while that for three-day-two-night packages would be RM24,000, up from RM20,000 now.

Kong said prices of funeral service products had increased between 30% and 250% and there’s strong likelihood prices of funeral packages would be revised upward.

He urged those in the funeral services industry to consider their decisions in revising the prices due to the current economic situation.

“I am also in this industry and am still undecided whether to increase our prices. Our company is still gauging consumers’ purchasing power and the economic situation,” he said.

Kong Thian Hau: Prices of funeral packages will be revised upward by at least 20%.

Malay daily Kosmo! reported that between RM2,000 and RM5,000 would need to be spent on a funeral and burial services, including the expenses for digging a grave, hearse, funeral prayers, the tomb and others.

The increase in burial management costs is due to the increase in the prices of white cloth, coffin, cotton and others.

Muslim undertaker Syafiq Hassan said: “Cotton used to be RM5 but is RM6 now. The price of white cloth has increased from RM160 to RM180. The wood for coffin was RM65 a piece but is now RM85.”



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