3:09pm 12/04/2022
First taste of durian for Japanese envoy
Using a fork, Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia Takahashi Katsuhiko savours durian for the first time.

KUALA LUMPUR: Japanese Ambassador to Malaysia Takahashi Katsuhiko has his first taste of durian, using a fork to savour the king of fruit.

“I feel like I am a Malaysian now. It taste good!” Takahashi, who uploaded a short clip of him using a fork to eat durian, tweeted.

Before eating the durian, he smelled the thorny fruit first, well-known for its strong aroma whereby some love the king of fruit while others just can’t bear its pungent smell.

Malaysians on Twitter suggested to him to use his hand to savour the fruit instead of a fork.

The Japanese Ambassador who was posted to Malaysia last December also replied that he would use his hand next time.

The short clip featured the ambassador treated with durian in a buka puasa feast during the Muslim fasting month.

“It’s better than my expectation,” said Takahashi after having the first taste of durian in his life and gave the fruit a thumbs up.

Netizens also recommended him Musang King as the best durian.

Graduated from the law school of Tokyo University, Takahashi joined foreign affairs department in Japan in April 1987.

He was previously posted to the Japanese embassies in the Middle East, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Latin America and the Caribbean before coming to Malaysia as the ambassador.


Takahashi Katsuhiko


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