1:39pm 08/04/2022
RTK tests can be done at any clinic, not just inside airport

PETALING JAYA: All passengers above the age of seven arriving in Malaysia by air can have their Covid-19 tests done at any clinic within 24 hours, not just RTK-Ag tests inside the airport, according to the health ministry’s MySafeTravel (MST) website.

Passengers who fail to complete their tests within 24 hours upon arrival will be issued with Home Surveillance Order (HSO).

“A Disappointed Malaysian” wrote to Free Malaysia Today that he was disappointed with the monopoly of Covid screening test services at klia2.

He said when he was prepared to fly to Bangkok on April 1, he saw a relatively cheap (RM80) RTK test service provider at [email protected], but when he returned from Bangkok several days later, he found the test station shut.

“I asked an airport staff about the test station and he said they were told to cease operation.”

Sin Chew Daily contacted WCT Holdings Bhd’s chief executive officer of retail Selena Chua, and was told [email protected] will have a new clinic soon to provide medical consultancy and emergency treatment for passengers and members of the public.

“Although the passenger terminal building of klia2 does provide Covid screening services, passengers can choose to do the tests at any clinic.”

According to Malaysia Airports website, arriving passengers can choose to do their screening tests at BP Healthcare RTK test stations in KLIA and klia2 for their convenience, at a fee of RM100 for Malaysian citizens and RM160 for foreigners.

Meanwhile, KOOP MMA chairman Dr. Thirunavukarasu said any arriving passenger can book the RTK test with any private clinic participating in the association’s eMedAsia platform.

There are currently about 2,500 clinics registered with eMedAsia, 500 of which actively providing Covid screening test services.

“All these clinics have registered with the health ministry, and the service is open to all.”




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