12:22pm 30/12/2021
RM100,000 loss as Uncle Kentang’s store under flood water

PETALING JAYA, Dec 30 (Sin Chew Daily) — Uncle Kentang’s store keeping items contributed by well wishers to help the underprivileged has been flooded.

Social activist and philanthropist Kuan Chee Heng, better known as Uncle Kentang, estimated the loss at RM100,000.

Kuan and his team were recently busy delivering flood relief items and did not visit the store until December 28.

“We were racing against time to rescue flood victims and distribute food stuff to those affected by the floods.

“We knew the store was affected by the floods but did not have time to check on it,” Kuan wrote on his Facebook.

He shared some of the pictures of the store covered with mud after the flood water receded.

Items such as wheelchairs, computers, electrical beds and medical appliances were damaged by the flood waters.

Kuan Chee Heng’s store is covered with mud (L), and items kept inside such as wheelchairs, electric beds and other medical equipment have been damaged. (KUAN CHEE HENG FACEBOOK)

Kuan was sad as those items were donated by members of the public to help the underprivileged.

Kuan, 57, who founded non-governmental organization (NGO) Community Policing Malaysia to assist the less fortunate, was known as Uncle Kentang from the days when he started distributing potatoes to the poor.

He has been receiving calls seeking help from elderlies abandoned by their children, rape victims, domestic violence victims, cancer patients and family members unable to settle funeral expenses.

Those who run out of food, unable to pay rents, utilities or need diapers can also seek help from him.

There are also the unemployed, homeless, people on the verge of committing suicide and many others who have approached him for help.

Besides community services, Kuan also provides transport, ambulance, free hearse and funeral services for the poor as well as the Orang Asli community.

He also runs a food bank, a 12-hour suicidal hotline, and helps arrange shelter for abused women and children.


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