Chinese Muslim ticked off for eating with chopsticks

PETALING JAYA, Nov 16 (Sin Chew Daily) — Muslim convert Adam Corrie Lee was once ticked off for violating Islamic teachings as he used a pair of chopsticks to eat a bowl of rice.

Adam, a Chinese Muslim actor, said chopsticks are part of Chinese culture and have nothing to do with religion.

He shared the video of him eating with chopsticks on Instagram, saying he was once told he should stop using chopsticks after embracing Islam.

Adam said some are of the view that using chopsticks is against Islamic teachings.

“We should view it in a positive manner. Using chopsticks in a multicultural society does not violate Islam,” he said.

Adam embraced Islam in July 2007.

Some netizens shared Adam’s sentiment and said they were also slammed for using chopsticks.

Other netizens also made sarcastic comments about Muslims using chopsticks to eat Japanese ramen, sushi or Korean food.

“Why is that using chopsticks to eat rice is against the Islamic teachings but not when you use chopsticks to eat ramen, sushi or Korean dishes?” asked a netizen.

To Adam Corrie Lee, using a pair of chopsticks to eat rice is part of the Chinese culture that is not contravening Islamic teachings.



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