Food sold at RM1
RM1 for each type of food at Wan Hazimi’s stall.

KOTA BHARU, Nov 11 (Sin Chew Daily) – For only RM1, you can have fried noodle, fried koayteow, porridge, beef bone noodle soup, corn soup, glutinous rice with banana and others.

A food stall at Kampung Sungai Budor is still maintaining its price of RM1 for each type of food sold, and the stall is always packed.

Wan Hazimi Wan Hamat, 53, has been selling food at RM1 since 2011 and has not increased the price despite the increasingly expensive raw materials.

“I started the stall 20 years ago and only charged RM0.50 initially. The price was later increased to RM1 in 2011,” he explained.

Wan Hazimi’s patrons used to be residents living in the area but many from other areas have since turned up at his stall.

Wan Hazimi and his wife Rozila Hassan, 49, start the stall from 11.30am to 6.30pm from Sunday to Thursday.

Despite selling at RM1, Wan Hazimi said he is still able to make a slim profit and has no plan to increase the price.

41-year old Nazira said he is a regular customer at Wan Hazimi’s stall which offers a wide range of food at only RM1.

By spending between RM10 and RM20, he said he could buy food for his whole family.

If he were to buy from the other stalls, he might have to pay double as much for the same amount of food.

A plate of fried noodle is selling at RM1.




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