Malay woman sells halal mooncake after learning from Chinese friend
The halal mooncake with salted egg yolk and nuts made by Pujiah.

KLANG, Sep 19 (Sin Chew Daily) — A Malay woman bakes halal mooncake to sell after learning the skill of making it from Chinese five years ago.

Pujiah, 62, who lives at Jalan Yadi, Klang, has been making a living by baking cookies and delicacies from home for more than 20 years.
She used to join Selat Kelang state assemblyman Dr Halimah Ali to attend traditional festivals organized by the Chinese in Pulau Ketam and got to learn more about the Chinese culture.

She started trying her hand on making mooncake from a Chinese friend in Johor and bought a recipe book to experiment on her own.
Pujiah encountered numerous failures but did not give up.
She continued to explore ways of making the skin and the paste of mooncake until she was satisfied with the outcome.

“I used to send the mooncake to friends as a gift until I received good comments. Then I started to sell mooncake,’’ she said.
Pujiah receives bulk orders from her clients for mooncake and delivers to East Malaysia too.

The fish-shaped kuih bahulu made by Pujiah during Chinese New Year.

Pujiah also receives mooncake orders for wedding and gatherings.
“I started to make halal mooncake as we also see Chinese make Malay kueh,’’ she said.

Pujiah also sells kuih kapit, kuih loyang and kuih bahulu during Chinese New Year.

“I know Chinese like fish because of the similar pronunciation for surplus.

Hence, the many Chinese delicacies made by her are in the shape of fish with the auspicious color of red and green.

“I also have Chinese customers,’’ said Pujiah.

Pujiah is also learning to make glutinous rice cake, a must have for Chinese New Year.

Pujiah’s seven children are learning to make mooncake from her.

She will only sell the rice cake when she herself is satisfied with the product.

Except for the glutinous rice cake, Pujiah has been selling Chinese delicacies during Chinese New year and mooncake before the mid-autumn festival.

She loves celebrating mid-autumn festival with lanterns and savoring mooncake.

“I love celebrating mid-autumn festival with the Chinese in Pulau Ketam. I still visit them now,’’ she said.

Pujiah learns about the theme of mid-autumn festival which signifies reunion. She also knows how the Chinese people exchanged mooncakes to deliver the message of starting a rebellion on the 15th day of the eight month in the lunar calendar to end the Mongolian rulers of Yuan Dynasty.




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