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New lease of life for powerlifter Jong who bags a silver in Tokyo Paralympics
Jong was excited after lifting 237kg in the men’s 107kg at Tokyo Paralympics.

KUCHING, Sept 2 (Sin Chew Daily) —  Powerlifter Jong Yee Khie, 33, was once at the lowest ebb of his life after losing a leg in a road accident at the age of 17.

Powerlifting has opened another window for him.

The Sarawakian who bagged a silver at the Tokyo Paralympics managed to overcome all odds to start his life again after a road accident and had one of his legs amputated.

He first represented Malaysia in 2016 Paralympics and ranked seventh at the men’s 97 kg category.

Jong took part in the 107kg in Tokyo this year, and lifted 237kg to bag a silver.

In an interview with Sin Chew Daily back in 2016 on his way back from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Kuching, Jong recounted his misery after losing a leg in the accident.

He was on his way home riding a motorcycle at night in 2005 when he fell into a drain for trying to avoid an approaching car.

His right leg was injured, and later amputated.

Jong shared his story after returning to Kuching from Rio in 2016.

Jong was devastated when he was told that the leg had to be amputated. He found it unable to accept the reality.

However, his family never gave up on him and kept encouraging him.

“I used to blame everyone. At the end I discovered that no matter how many people I blamed, I was at fault for speeding.

“My parents were worried about me for fear that I would not be able to fend for myself. I decided to start afresh,’’ Jong said.

It took him close to two years to be out of sorrow and depression.

“Had I not decided to start afresh, I would not have the achievement today. I will continue to work hard,’’ he said.

After completing his secondary education, Jong took up a course on hairstyling. He also joined the Paralympics team after starting work.

Jong said people would only pay attention to the winners on the stage but not aware of the tough training the athletes had gone through.

For him, he could only focus the training on upper part of his physical body but not his legs.

The only regret for Jong was that he could not share the joy of winning a silver medal with his mother, who passed away last October.

Jong is now eyeing the Paralympics in Paris in 2024.


Jong Yee Khie


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