Ipoh’s nasi ganja sells like hot cake after helicopter delivery

IPOH, July 26 (Sin Chew Daily) — After news of a helicopter from Kuala Lumpur picked up nasi ganja in Ipoh went viral, the stall has enjoyed brisk business.

The nasi ganja (also known as nasi kandar) at Yong Suan Coffee Shop in Jalan Yang Kalsom here, was sold out two and a half hours earlier on Saturday.

Stall owner Mohd Nihmathullah Syed Mustaffah, 57, told Sin Chew Daily the stall closed at 5pm normally but all food were already sold out by 2.30pm.

A check by Sin Chew Daily reporter at Saturday noon showed that the queue was almost like pre-pandemic days when dining-in was allowed.

Mohd Nihmathullah said he was initially skeptical when told that the 36 packs of nasi ganja would be picked up by a helicopter from Kuala Lumpur.

Together with another person, Mohd Nihmathullah brought the packed rice to Padang Ipoh and saw the helicopter.

He was stunned as this was the first time his food was to be delivered by a helicopter since he started the business.

Mohd Nihmathullah also confirmed that the other person had received a call from the police to record his statement.

Mohd Nihmathullah was happy that his food had received orders from another state.

Ipoh district deputy police chief Supt Lee Swee Sake said the police had recorded the statements of Mohd Nihmathullah and his patron who ordered the food from Kuala Lumpur.

Lee confirmed that the police had started investigation under Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 whether the helicopter had violated the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and whether the interstate travel was in compliance with the SOPs.

He also confirmed that the Ipoh City Council had lodged a report that the helicopter landed at the Padang without a permit.

A red helicopter from Kuala Lumpur landed at Padang Ipoh to pick up 36 packs of nasi ganja ordered from a stall here on July 23.

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