​Support the rights of all health professionals

The Malaysian Health Coalition takes no official position on the doctors' walk-out that is planned for 11am Monday 26 July.

However, we support its objectives: comprehensive long-term solutions for Malaysia's human resources for health (HRH); fair employment terms for all health professionals; and enough doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses for Malaysia, including their respective specialists. This will enhance the rakyat's health in the long-term.

We support all constitutional, legal and human rights of our health professionals.

The decision to walk-out is a personal one, and must be balanced with duties of patient care, the needs of colleagues, and relevant laws. We trust our health professionals to make choices that balance their rights and duties.

In all events and at all times, we call on all health professionals to unite to ensure that patient care is never jeopardized.

We urge the government to treat all doctors with fairness and compassion. No doctors should be arrested for a non-violent walk-out.

We remain steadfast in our shared objectives to protect the rakyat's health, support our health system, and build our nation together.

Malaysian Health Coalition

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