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'Worse than prison': Abuses in Philippine youth homes

Eleven-year-old Jerry's crime was breaking curfew laws after fleeing violence at home. His punishment? Being sent to a youth detention centre, where he says he endured sexual abuse.

Lavender boom

Lavender fields near Chatuzange-le-Goubet in southeastern France. French lavender has regained a boom, thanks to the explosion of aromatherapy.


A skateboarder practicing in Havana, Cuba. Without official support or resources, Cuban skateboarders use donated boards on home-made ramps, often under police siege. Photo courtesy: AFP

Taiwanese 'graffiti village' eases elderly loneliness

Nestled in the mist-covered foothills of Taiwan's central mountain range, Ruan Chiao village is virtually devoid of young people, but artist Wu Tsun-hsien is coaxing the Instagram generation back by transforming local homes into a canvas of colour.

Dîner en Blanc

Participants taking part in the annual Dîner en Blanc moments before heavy rain cut short the festivities in Nelson Rockefeller Park in New York City. Over 5,500 guests gathered for the yearly pop-up party which adheres to a strict all-white dress code. Originally founded in Paris in 1988, Dîner en Blanc events have swelled in popularity and are hosted in cities throughout the world.


The sculpture "Genesis of Evolution" by Italy-based Costa Rican artist Jorge Jiménez Deredia in San Jose, Costa Rica. Jiménez Deredia is the first Latin American sculptor whose work is displayed at the Basilica of St Peter in the Vatican. His statue of Saint Marcellin Champagnat was completed in 2000 and inaugurated in the presence of Pope John Paul II.

Tape Art

A display from the "Tape Art" exhibition in Taipei by Tape That, an artist collective based in Berlin.

Iranian bread permanent guest at Kuwaiti tables

Khalil Kamal makes sure he regularly visits Kuwait's popular Souq Al-Mubarakiya, where he enjoys his favourite kebab meal with onion, rocket and freshly baked Iranian bread.

Iceland tries to bring back trees razed by the Vikings

Before being colonised by the Vikings, Iceland was lush with forests but the fearsome warriors razed everything to the ground and the nation is now struggling to reforest the island.

Man's best friend: The dogs who sniff out explosives in Kabul

Naya, a three-year-old Belgian Malinois, focuses intently as she leaps over hurdles and zooms through tunnels on an obstacle course at a training centre on a hill overlooking Kabul.


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