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Sierra Leone's secret societies mark bodies and minds

Wearing a fading Mickey Mouse T-shirt, her knees hugged to her chest, eight-year-old Musu Kamara sits in a corrugated shack in Sierra Leone's capital waiting for her initiation into a secret society.

Royal barge procession

Royal Thai Navy personnel rehearsing for the Royal Barge Procession along Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. The Royal Barge Procession on October 24 will be the final event for the Coronation of King Rama X of Thailand.

Trash for tickets on Indonesia's 'plastic bus'

Dozens of people clutching bags full of plastic bottles and disposable cups queue at a busy bus terminal in the Indonesian city of Surabaya -- where passengers can swap trash for travel tickets.

In a London workshop, artisans craft bespoke globes

In 2008, Peter Bellerby set out to buy his father a high quality handmade globe as an 80th birthday present.

Singaporeans make messy art to de-stress

Singaporeans dressed in overalls squirted paint onto walls and canvases using water pistols and syringes at a new pop-up art studio where people get messy to relieve stress.

Back to the wild: how 'ungardening' took root in America

Retired union organizer Anna Burger lives by a busy road just a minute's walk from a metro station in the US capital Washington, but every morning she wakes up to a birdsong symphony.

China's child modelling industry booms amid controversy

Manicured children strut down the catwalk at a Beijing fashion show, one of thousands of events driving huge demand for child models in China that insiders warn leaves minors vulnerable to physical abuse, 12-hour-days and unrelenting pressure from pushy parents.

Canadian iceberg hunter on the trail of white gold

It's midday and Edward Kean, a Canadian fisherman who now scours the North Atlantic for icebergs that have broken off from Greenland's glaciers, is positively beaming.

Beach entertainment

Palestinian men perform fire breathing on the beach of Gaza City to entertain children during the summer vacation.

Smoky tea baked in clay: tandoori chai heats up Pakistan

It's a cuppa like no other. Every evening in Islamabad a crowd arrives at Sanaullah's street stall to taste his "tandoori chai" -- milk tea served in terracotta mugs, still hot from his traditional oven.


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