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Whale 'whispers' keep young safe near predators: study

Female Atlantic right whales lower their voices to a whisper when communicating with their young in order to prevent "eavesdropping" by predators, researchers said Wednesday.

Xinjiang: The making of China's far west police state

China's all-encompassing security crackdown in Xinjiang has turned the northwest region -- home to most of the country's ethnic Uighur population -- into a place activists describe as an open air prison.

Brazil highways drive Amazon development, and destruction

Trucker Erik Fransuer spends months at a time driving back and forth on highways that cut through the Amazon in northern Brazil, delivering soy or corn to river ports.

China warns Apple against 'reckless' support of HK protesters

China's state media accused Apple Wednesday of supporting pro-democracy protesters, warning the US tech giant would suffer consequences for its "unwise and reckless" decision, in an echo of campaigns against other Western firms.

New incentives needed to encourage development of digital economy

Telecommunications industry players believe that there is a need for new incentives to promote the digital economy in the Budget 2020 presentation this Friday.

Taiwan expels Chinese tourist for damaging 'Lennon Wall'

Taiwan has expelled a Chinese tourist for damaging a "Lennon Wall" that was put up in support of Hong Kong's democracy movement, a move likely to irk Beijing.

Hong Kong not ruling out Chinese help over protests

Hong Kong's under-fire leader Carrie Lam on Tuesday said China intervening to end months of pro-democracy protests is an option following a particularly violent week of unrest that paralyzed the city.

Mahathir “no” to new “Malay-Muslim” government

Mahathir says the PH government is not interested in forming a new “Malay-Muslim” government with opposition parties.

Empowering Asian businesswomen

Malaysia Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Association (MCWEA) will be hosting an Asian Women Entrepreneurs Forum from November 12 to November 13 at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa.

Fake news sparks panic among Indonesia quake victims

Thousands of Indonesian quake evacuees are still in shelters nearly two weeks after a deadly earthquake sparked a stream of fake news and hoaxes warning even bigger disaster ahead.


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