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Clashes, travel chaos in Hong Kong as leader warns city on brink

Hong Kong riot police clashed with pro-democracy protesters for a third straight day Monday as the city's leader warned the global financial hub was nearing a "very dangerous situation", and a rare strike caused transport chaos.

DAP leaders to discuss Jawi issue tonight

DAP central leaders will meet tonight on the teaching of Jawi calligraphy in vernacular schools. An official party stand is expected tonight.

Food waste, the hidden climate change driver

As experts gather in Geneva to finalise the most detailed scientific assessment yet of how we use the land we live off, one phenomenon to which we all contribute will be under close scrutiny: food waste.

Mahathir supports Jawi in schools

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad holds the view that the policy of implementing Jawi calligraphy lessons in national vernacular primary schools for year four pupils should proceed

Humanity's next test: feed 10 billion without ruining Earth

It is a question critical to mankind's survival: how do we grow enough food to sustain our booming population without wrecking our only home and plundering Nature's bounty?

US scientists announce 3D heart printing breakthrough

US scientists announced Thursday they have successfully built functional heart parts out of collagen with a 3D bioprinter, using a breakthrough technique they say could one day create entire organs.

From rescue in the Med, to a migrant's life in Portugal

A year after the rescue vessel Aquarius plucked Deborah Osaretin from the Mediterranean's churning waters, she is building a new life as a refugee in Fundão, central Portugal.

Can diet help cancer treatment? Study in mice offers clues

Diet is already a key part of managing diseases like diabetes and hypertension, but new research adds to a growing body of evidence that it could help cancer treatment too.

Japan approves growing human organs in animals for first time

Scientists in Japan will begin trying to grow human organs in animals after receiving government permission for the first study of its kind in the country.

PAS Youth urges action against signatories of joint statement

PAS education bureau chief Muhtar Suhaili urges the authorities to take action against the signatories of a joint statement against Jawi.


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