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Water pollution can reduce economic growth by a third: World Bank

Heavily polluted water is reducing economic growth by up to a third in some countries, a World Bank report said Tuesday, calling for action to address human and environmental harm.

Singapore to trial driverless buses booked with an app

Singapore will next week begin a public trial of driverless buses that can be booked with an app, part of ambitions to roll out autonomous vehicles across the city-state.

Wear tanjak to resist discrimination?

A group of social activists have called on the public to put on the Malay warrior hats on September 16 against politicians who manipulate the racial discrimination issue.

More than 2,300 tigers killed and trafficked this century

A report says over 2,300 endangered tigers have been killed and illegally trafficked since the turn of the century.

NS: not even behind closed doors

Negeri Sembilan menteri besar says the state government will not allow speeches by Zakir Naik, not even if held behind closed doors.

Heatwaves longer, more deadly even in a 2C world

Even if humanity manages to cap global warming at 2°C, northern hemisphere summers will deliver dangerously longer heatwaves, droughts and bouts of rain.

Ramasamy to Zakir: apology too late, see you in court

Penang second deputy chief minister P Ramasamy says he is ready to take on Zakir Naik in court, and hopes he “is around when the case comes up”.

Twitter, Facebook accuse China of HK discord campaign

Twitter and Facebook have accused the Chinese government of backing a social media campaign to discredit Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement and sow political discord in the city.

Zakir apologizes

Zakir Naik says he is sad many non-Muslims in the country have seen him as a racist, and he apologizes for causing the misunderstanding.

Zakir in Bukit Aman for second round of questioning

Zakir Naik has been questioned by the police for a second time in Bukit Aman in a session that lasted about 10 hours.


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