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Rafidah: how long are we going to use crutches?

"You can’t keep holding on to the sentiment and using it as a passport and say you are a bumiputra and you are entitled to this and that...How long are we going to use crutches?"

Najib 'pivotal' in 1MDB plunder, trial hears

Malaysia's ex-prime minister Najib Razak played a pivotal role in plundering state fund 1MDB and hundreds of millions of dollars were illicitly channelled to his bank account, a prosecutor said Wednesday at the opening of his biggest graft trial.

Najib to know his fate on Nov 11

Najib, who is facing seven charges of misappropriation of RM42 million in SRC funds, will know his fate on Nov 11.

China expresses 'strong dissatisfaction' with G7 on Hong Kong

Beijing on Tuesday voiced "strong dissatisfaction" with a joint statement issued by the G7 leaders, who backed Hong Kong's autonomy and called for calm after months of civil unrest.

Brazil slams G7 aid offer as Amazon fires rage

Brazil on Monday rejected aid from G7 countries to fight wildfires in the Amazon, with a top official telling French President Emmanuel Macron to take care of "his home and his colonies."

Ambiga: too much power for one man

"If the government keeps giving in to narrow interests and can even give one man so much importance that he appears stronger than them, they have failed themselves and us.”

Mahathir dismisses Zahid's allegation

Mahathir rebuts Zahid's allegation that Pakatan Harapan will collapse as a result of internal conflicts and that the PM is fighting on his own.

Thick smoke chokes Brazil's north as Amazon fires rage

Blackened tree trunks lay smoldering on the charred ground as thick smoke chokes the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, a scene of devastation that is being repeated across the "lungs of the planet."

French Guiana grapples with Asian craving for fish bladder

For years, Asian demand for a dried fish bladder prized as a culinary delicacy -- and purported aphrodisiac -- has been a boon to French Guiana's fishing industry, but officials are racing to rein in the market over fears the species will soon be endangered.

New images from asteroid probe yield clues on planet formation

Photographs snapped by a shoebox-sized probe that explored the near-Earth asteroid Ryugu offer new clues about its composition, insights that are expected to help scientists understand the formation of our solar system.


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