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Thick smoke chokes Brazil's north as Amazon fires rage

Blackened tree trunks lay smoldering on the charred ground as thick smoke chokes the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, a scene of devastation that is being repeated across the "lungs of the planet."

French Guiana grapples with Asian craving for fish bladder

For years, Asian demand for a dried fish bladder prized as a culinary delicacy -- and purported aphrodisiac -- has been a boon to French Guiana's fishing industry, but officials are racing to rein in the market over fears the species will soon be endangered.

New images from asteroid probe yield clues on planet formation

Photographs snapped by a shoebox-sized probe that explored the near-Earth asteroid Ryugu offer new clues about its composition, insights that are expected to help scientists understand the formation of our solar system.

Banned at home but thriving abroad: China's social media campaign

More than 78 million Facebook users follow the page of the state-run China Daily, where they are served a diet of largely positive -- and government-approved -- stories about the authoritarian country.

Google says YouTube campaign targeted Hong Kong protests

Google on Thursday said it disabled a series of YouTube channels that appeared to be part of a coordinated influence campaign against pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

RON97 up 2 sen

RON97 will be two sen dearer at RM2.51 per liter, while prices of RON95 and diesel remain unchanged at RM2.08 and RM2.18 per liter respectively.

PM: Zakir won't be deported for the time being

Mahathir says the government will not send back Zakir Naik for the time being.

PM: no cabinet reshuffle for the time being

PM Mahathir says there will not be any cabinet reshuffle for the time being.

Minor reshuffle in the pipeline?

Several ministers have confirmed that Tun Mahathir will announce the new cabinet line-up soon. Mustapa could be a new face.

Indonesia shuts internet in Papua over unrest fears

Indonesia has blocked internet access in unrest-hit Papua over fears that a stream of offensive and racists posts online will spark more violent protests in the region, the government said Thursday.


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