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Ramasamy to Zakir: apology too late, see you in court

Penang second deputy chief minister P Ramasamy says he is ready to take on Zakir Naik in court, and hopes he “is around when the case comes up”.

Twitter, Facebook accuse China of HK discord campaign

Twitter and Facebook have accused the Chinese government of backing a social media campaign to discredit Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement and sow political discord in the city.

Zakir apologizes

Zakir Naik says he is sad many non-Muslims in the country have seen him as a racist, and he apologizes for causing the misunderstanding.

Zakir in Bukit Aman for second round of questioning

Zakir Naik has been questioned by the police for a second time in Bukit Aman in a session that lasted about 10 hours.

Johor bans public talks by Zakir

Johor police chief Mohd Kamarudin Md Din says Zakir Naik is barred from giving public talks in the state to prevent controversy that can undermine harmony.

Pollution-free hydrogen: green energy breakthrough?

Scientists said Tuesday they have developed a way of extracting hydrogen from oil without releasing greenhouse gases -- a breakthrough they hailed as a "silver bullet" for cleaner energy and the climate.

Arctic sea ice loaded with microplastics

At first glance, it looks like hard candy laced with flecks of fake fruit, or a third grader's art project confected from recycled debris.

Wildlife summit mulls trade rules to counter 'unprecedented' species declines

Conservationists warned of "unprecedented" species declines Saturday as countries met in Geneva to tighten rules on trade in elephant ivory and products from other endangered animal and plants.

China plans to make Shenzhen a 'better place' than Hong Kong

China's government has unveiled plans to boost the mainland city of Shenzhen and make it into what state media called a "better place" than neighbouring Hong Kong, following another huge pro-democracy rally in the semi-autonomous financial hub.

Fuziah urges Pahang not to allow Lynas PDF in state

Fuziah Salleh urges the Pahang state government not to allow Lynas to build a permanent deposit facility in the state for its water leach purification residue.


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