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Weaving recycled baskets, bags together regardless of race

A group of like-minded friends in Sabak Bernam have decided that they should do something to help raise environment awareness in the local Malay society, by turning discarded aluminium foil plastic bags into stylish bags, baskets and water bottle holders.

Burying the helpless for two decades

Besides volunteering at old folks homes and shelters for the disabled, Tan Sew Sewan also helps out at the local hospital and has helped bury almost a hundred helpless people from the local old folks homes.

Tamil fluency at a Chinese family of eight in Morib

Low Kok Hua and his whole family are among the very few Chinese Malaysians who speak very fluent Tamil.

Malay teacher offering free Chinese tuition for religious school students

“They are now learning religion, and I think I should teach them an additional language as this will be an advantage for them when they go out to work in future.”

Grab driver made an internet sensation by grateful Malay passenger's FB post

Wong Huang Chin never expected such a simple act could become a big thing for the passenger who subsequently posted the story on Facebook, and became viral.

Hippotherapy to help children with special needs

Iliza Muhammed Ikhbal and her pediatric consultant husband Dr Ali Azman co-founded Green Apple Hippotherapy in 2014 to provide hippotherapy treatment to children with special needs.

Battling depression together with love

“Do not stop supporting your loved ones. They are really in need of your help.”

Malay passengers moved by Chinese Grab driver's patience and understanding

“Although he is not a Muslim, he holds no prejudices against us. He is very friendly and the fact that he was willing to wait for us shows that he really respects other people's religion.”

Training individuals with special needs to be independent

If given proper training, an individual with special needs could also be turned into a competent farmer, baker, craftsman or anyone who can contribute positively to the society.


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