My Sinchew/ ICERD

Challenges ahead for PH

Many people are willing to give PH more time, but the government must first overcome its many challenges.

No end to PH's infighting

Thanks to the ideological differences and distrust among PH component parties, coupled with Mahathir's indecision and frequent policy U-turns, the ruling coalition has completely lost its sense of direction.

The bright side of peaceful gathering

It won't be a bad thing if in future such a civilized street rally culture could be perpetuated, so that radical groups in the likes of Perkasa and the Red Shirts will not get to make any headway.

More than just anti-ICERD

Participating in the rally may not be just for ICERD but could also be a convenient outlet for these people's frustration and disenchantment with realistic life.

A gathering uncalled for

Where political manipulation reigns supreme, we see once again that this country is shrouded in a haze of senselessness.

Anti-ICERD rally: Special holiday for Kelantan

The Kelantan state government has made December 9 (Sunday) a special occasion holiday (cuti peristiwa) to allow people to travel to Kuala Lumpur to attend the anti-ICERD rally on Saturday.

Small hearts

Our world is large enough but many still fear to tread outside their comfort zones.

A battle with no clear winner in sight

Political parties on both sides of the divide must stop all unwarranted fights right away and focus on fixing our ailing economy and promoting inter-community understanding.

Religious freedom at risk in one of five countries: report

Religious freedom is under threat in one of every five nations around the globe, in part because of an increase in "aggressive ultranationalism", a Catholic NGO said in a report.

More sensible approach towards ICERD

Support for or opposition to ICERD has to be established upon the basis of facts, not individuals' guesses and presumptions.


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