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Unpredictabilities in Umno's calculations

Money and power will only have shortlived effects, and the long-term strategy is still to win over the hearts of voters through honoring the pledges made.

Moderation, a wilting hallmark of Malaysia

An ineffective government machinery will not augur well for the continued progress of this country.

No dice games for Muslims: ustaz

Shahul Hamid says while chess, snake-and-ladder and other dice games are not gambling per se, they could tempt a person into gambling.

I never used the word 'haram': ustaz

Shahul Hamid says he never used the word "haram" on Muslims visiting non-Muslim hair salons or sending their children to Chinese schools.

Sending children to Chinese schools un-Islamic: principal

Letting a non-Muslim barber touch your hair, attending a Chinese school and wishing someone "Happy Birthday" are all "haram".

More than a joker

If he made no mention of the Sultan, would he get into trouble for insulting other religions and promoting his extremist thinking?

Zamihan barred from speaking at Selangor mosques

JAIS director says all mosques and suraus in Selangor must stop inviting Zamihan to speak, as he is still being probed by the police for sedition.

Police seek 2-day remand for Zamihan

The police seek a two-day remand for Zamihan until Friday to assist in the investigation over his alleged disrespectful remarks of Johor Sultan.

DG confirms Zamihan still with Jakim

Jakim director-general confirms that Zamihan is still an official with Jakim stationed at Kajang prison.

Wanted: Prompt action from government

No one should enforce their own standards on other people and insist that others respect their feelings without they taking the initiative to do likewise.


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