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Moderation, a wilting hallmark of Malaysia

An ineffective government machinery will not augur well for the continued progress of this country.

Klang party cancelled

The MPK approval letter issued earlier has specified that the organizers must meet certain conditions, including the support from police, before the event could be held.

Absurdity in its crudest form

With all these absurdities around, little wonder many have lost their faith in this country as they don't see a future here.

Beer and human civilization

The evolution of alcohol in history epitomizes humans' quest for new discoveries, their great fear for the unknown, mutual respect for one another, and judgment of human conducts and moral values, all manifesting the flourishing wisdom of humanity as it advances incessantly towards nobler accomplishments. Only the laggards will gradually wither and recede in their fatuity.


In the end, the side with the strongest political clout will have its say. And it is obvious now which side has the upper hand!

Jamal smacks beer bottles in protest

Jamal smacks some ten cartons of beer bottles in front of the gate while hurling curses at Azmin and DAP excos.

Moderation, our ultimate vision

Malaysians regardless of race and religion must adopt a moderate attitude in defending our constitutional rights and at the same time respect one another's differences.

Up to local governments to decide: IGP

The IGP insists the police remain firm on its stand not to support the event due to possible terror attacks.


A country that backslides and upholds religious fundamentalism will never qualify as moderate state.

We're no Taliban state

The toxic Talibanistic thinking has since spread to many other parts of our world.


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