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47% turnout at noon: EC

The voter turnout at the 14th general elections as of noon today is 47%, according to the Election Commission.

GE14: It's reform that matters most

Irregularities with the electoral roll, lack of laws to rein in political donations and abuse of public resources for the purpose of campaigning... all these point to the fact that this country is in urgent need of deep political reforms.

Plan B in case of disruption tonight

In case of broadcast disruption, Pakatan Harapan has a Plan B to broadcast Tun Mahathir's pre-recorded message via a different channel.

MTUC urges 14m workers to vote for PH

MTUC urges the 14 million workers in the country to vote for Pakatan Harapan in tomorrow's election.

Lee Kim Yew: MCA should quit BN

Lee Kim Yew says MCA should leave Barisan Nasional.

Malaysian opposition bets on 'tsunami' of Muslim support

Malaysia's opposition hopes a surge of support from disillusioned members of the country's Muslim majority can carry them to an unlikely victory in Wednesday's elections.

As Malaysian polls loom, hopes and fears for future

From rural hamlets to the jungles of Borneo and bustling, modern Kuala Lumpur, Malaysians will vote Wednesday in one of the country's closest ever polls.

Anwar urges Malaysians to support Mahathir

Anwar urges Malaysians to fully support Tun Mahathir so that the latter can restore the corrupted national institution.

A 50:50 race

The voter sentiment takes a slow course to develop to what it is today, beginning from the provisional deregistration of PPBM on the eve of parliament dissolution.

Caretaker MB: BN not implementing hudud in Terengganu

The caretaker Terengganu MB says his speech has been distorted by the media.


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