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How to win without a Malay tsunami

Pakatan Harapan can still win without a Malay tsunami if its supporters come out in droves to vote.

Only 16.5% popular vote needed to form govt: Bersih

Any political party only needs to win at least 50% of votes from the smallest 112 parliamentary seats to get a simple majority to form the government.

Boo rejects offer to run in Labis

Although Boo Cheng Hau has rejected the proposal, it is likely that LKS will talk to him again for a third time in hope of getting him to change his mind.

Teo or Gobind in Kulai?

It will take another week before DAP will decide whether Teo Nie Ching or Gobind Singh will contest the Kulai parliamentary seat.

The Reform Train running out of steam

The ruling coalition is repeatedly distorting the rule of the game in order to win the election, but GE14 is only a short-term event. What is way more important is the future of this country!

On redelineation and Anti-Fake News Bill

The general consensus among the people is that fake news is what the government says it is, and it is the government that will decide what is fake and what is not.

The far-fetching implications of redelineation

Subang Jaya, the most populous state assembly seat in Selangor, will even have more voters than some of the parliamentary seats in the state!

MCA fights to include UEC recognition in BN manifesto: Wee

"We've been talking to Dong Zong many times, and have submitted the revised draft to BN."

Troublemaker politicians

If EC's redelineation report is eventually adopted in the Parliament, BN will only need to win 40% of popular votes to secure a two-thirds majority in Dewan Rakyat, according to a local political scientist.

MCA's 2-for-1 deal with Umno over Kuantan?

MCA is prepared to swap Bandar Tun Razak and Lumut parliamentary seats with Umno for Kuantan.


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