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Mahathir warns Najib will cheat to win polls

Malaysian ex-leader Mahathir Mohamad warned Friday elections next month will be the dirtiest in the country's history due to cheating by the "monster" prime minister, but insisted his opposition alliance has a fighting chance.

Mahathir is most admired man in Malaysia

Mahathir tops the list with 15% of votes, followed by Bill Gates and Jackie Chan. Najib is 15th.

For the convenience of voters

The election provides one rare opportunity for Malaysians to decide who get to run this country on their behalf.

Stickers have nothing to do with us: Ku Nan

Tengku Adnan does not rule out the possibility it was the work of BN's supporters, or even rival parties trying to smear BN's reputation.

Answering the needs of young Malaysians

The future administrators of this country must go much further than this and introduce more holistic and in-depth reforms to help our youngsters tackle their challenges.

Mahathir: 90% Malaysians unhappy with Najib

Mahathir says 90% of Malaysians are not happy with Najib, "The whole world believes he will cheat."

Manifesto, oh manifesto!

BN's manifesto is laden with financial promises which according to Mahathir's calculations runs into some RM300 billion.

Fighting a gentleman's war

We all must treasure this rare opportunity to become masters of our own destinies, and vote wisely and sensibly.

Big questions of Bandar Tun Razak

Rizalman did not say by whom he was set up and sabotaged, but it has been reported that he "declined to rule out the possibility of being sabotaged by MCA".

Vicious competition

We cannot afford to remain contented with just "development and freebies". We ought to seek a determined lift in policy-making and spiritual aspects to stop the country from falling into the trap of stagnancy.


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